Wise Pick For 25 August


wise pick 28 aug 1

Tyson Atkins

Teamwork makes
the dream work.



wise pick 28 aug2

Jocelyn Barbudo-Cabrera

True teamwork
enables everyone
to achieve more.



wise pick 28 aug3

Bran Darius Valdehueza

Our differences and weaknesses
can be our strength in togetherness.



wise pick 28 aug4

Michelle Anderson Thain

With compassion and kindness,
all things are possible.



wise pick 28 aug5

Nancy McIntyre

When you can’t,
make do!



wise pick 28 aug6

Shilpika Bagh

The best way to “lead”;
is help each other “succeed.”



wise pick 28 aug7

Anshu Gupta

With support from each other
all disabilities will become abilities.



wise pick 28 aug8

Wendy Smith

No matter what-
if we stick together we’ll make it!



wise pick 28 aug9

Tina Bell

With the right people beside you,
you can thrive regardless of limitations.



wise pick 28 aug10

Ibraheem Khaleel




wise pick 28 aug11

Ashish Verma

Unity defies all odds.



wise pick 28 aug12

Maya Thorpe

We joined together
and created a whole.



wise pick 28 aug13

Arunima Padma

In a journey
nothing shall be weakness
when human race stays together.



wise pick 28 aug14

Divya Jain

Disability exists in the mind,
not in the body.
If you believe you can
then half the hurdle
has already been conquered.



wise pick 28 aug15

Gomathi Murugesan

The essence of unity and ability
sails over the wave of disability.



wise pick 28 aug16

Neha Agarwal

Together we can
conquer this world,
irrespective of our physical flaws.

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