Wise Pick for 24 September

wise pick 27 sep

wise pick 27 sep1Jeremy Langenfeld
The true voice will always poke and provoke.

wise pick 27 sep2Siony Benemerito McCor
The struggle of not being able to speak with an open mind,
Creates pain and inflammations on our well being, overtimes.

wise pick 27 sep3Faith Dunsmuir
Lost for words,
choked by emotion,
too caught up in the rawness
of the situation to make myself heard.

wise pick 27 sep4Sulekha Pande
The most hurtful are,
the unspoken words,
they burn the soul,
like sharp-edged swords

wise pick 27 sep5Wayne Kelley
Too much talking can constrict your appearance
and strangle you in self-doubt.

wise pick 27 sep6Beena Baburajan
Laryngitis of the soul….!
Sometimes the best cure,
Is in the suffering of it,
To emerge healthier and immune to it,
And evolve stronger inspite of it!

wise pick 27 sep7Maria Ferns
A trap of unspoken words,
“Chokes” you’re wellbeing like an open wound.

wise pick 27 sep8Shilpika Bagh
Let your inner voice be “heard”;
before it’s silenced by the “herd”

wise pick 27 sep9Felicia Renteria-Holmes
The restrictions we place on ourselves, cause us the most pain.

wise pick 27 sep10Ashish Verma
Putting a limitation to words chokes the soul with profound pain.

wise pick 27 sep11Mai Quesada
It’s a self-inflicted pain when you put restrictions on choked emotions.
Speak out what needs to be expressed or breathe out to ease and heal the pain.

wise pick 27 sep12Leta Marie DeMello
With fear to speak, my heart burns with desire. Each word I suppress sets my throat on fire. I fight for freedom despite of each tear; I battle with courage and break free from the fear. From this point forward there can be no violence, for my voice found purpose and will never be silenced.

wise pick 27 sep13Iliwa Patrick
Restraining from letting our inner voices out
We only inflict pain on ourselves

wise pick 27 sep14Ashok Pande
The light of positivity,
Has a blockade of barbed wires,
Which acts as a barrier,
Protecting us,
From this darkness of negativity.
Embrace it,
Nurture it,
This barrier is,
Our sense of right & wrong.

wise pick 27 sep15Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Swallowing your pride can feel so constricting,
While proceeding on your own will prove to be self-inflicting.

wise pick 27 sep16Amber Hess
If you don’t speak up and find your own voice, you will undoubtedly create your own prison.

wise pick 27 sep17Rinku Shah
You feel you are on fire,
Being choked with barbed wire.
Stop staying bottled up…
Vent what you want to before you blow up!

wise pick 27 sep18Lisa Dutkiewicz
Beware of the flames of desire of which are hardwired with barbed wire. You might get caught in the flames of which you have no desire.

wise pick 27 sep19Pauline Ebijimi
Nobody is actually free, there is always something that is trying to take the life out of you.

wise pick 27 sep20Preet Mishra
Don’t swallow your feeling it may choke and lead to emotional misery

wise pick 27 sep21Sherry Greene
So inflamed
So crudely wired
My voice is silenced
My soul so tired
Please free my voice
And I’ll be inspired

wise pick 27 sep22Solomon Ruiz
The hardest thing to say may just set you free

wise pick 27 sep23Pelumi Samuel
Always try to let it out don’t try to keep it in.

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