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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 24 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryKaren Itaas De Leon
Can you hear the screams in my silence?

Wise Pick 27 Feb 2_1
Shubha Bhandarkar

Behind the face that is calm like
a heaven’s abode,
There is a hell of a storm waiting to explode!

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryCidney Aurora

Outer appearance of serenity
is like a cool breeze on a summer’s day.
And inner turmoil is like a winter lightning storm.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAdrainenne Monique Gordon

No one sees the storm raging inside me.
You only see my beautifully calm self.
What I show to the world to protect myself.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAckim Silungwe

Be kind to people you have no idea
what they’re going through.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAndrea Zuehlke

I pause and think of what I need to do,
and my inner voice will be in agreement,
after I pause. I pause.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryKritika Anand

The calmer I look superficially,
the greater battle I fight internally.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAmrita Raj

Dignity and calm is my exterior but inside
I scream with pain at the injustice
and torture from this world.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryDevina Bisht

Don’t misunderstand my silence for peace.
Stay good to have been spared.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryYvonne Kathleen Rhodes

Silence your inner demons
by raising your thoughts
to suffocate negativity.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryPamela Church

All you see is the beauty of my serenity
All I hear is my soul’s silent scream.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryCarol Downey Dawson

Stop screaming inside my head.
You’ve done enough damage.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruarySuveera Bellary Kusnur

I am like a bubbling lava with a calm exterior.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryDuchess Floexia

Look within the facade of inner serenity
and u will see the real me full of darkness.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryNomathamsanqa Msomi

Like a can of soda,I’m quiet until you open me.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryKim DeCocco-Sharon

Only you can bring peace
to the mind that never sleeps.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryMayet Pequena – Rivera

Private anguish amidst all chaos.
Public triumph within tranquility.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryDawnet Mclean

I scream but there’s no sound,
I cry but there’s no tears,
Is this life?
Or am l isolated with emotion.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruarySherry Greene

What we present is not always how we feel inside.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAnita Hornby

As we find our bliss,
the ego screams its disapproval to its death.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryYu Jinyu

Calm exteriors can belie intense inner struggles

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryRebecca Mistich Covell

Some people make us feel this inside!
We must let the fear subside!

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAnubha Sharma

Calm outside, screaming inside;
who sees which side of mine, only I get to decide.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruarySharon Shain

And sometimes the chaos inside pierces
through the perfect facade of calm.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAmrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

My life delves into a dichotomy
of calm and fierce spirits!

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryLauren

Everyone is fighting a battle
you know nothing about.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryPepper R. L.

Silence is the most powerful scream.

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryALEXIS CUZZO

Unleashing the beast from within.

Wise Pick For 24 Februarysangeetha sampath

The storm inside the calm

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryIQ

Silent scream

Wise Pick For 24 FebruaryAnkita Devadiga

The noise inside her had made her appear calm.
Whom she should trust
as she has to lead by her own.


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