Wise Pick For 23 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 23 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberRinku Shah
Your thoughts are a
reflection of you.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberSulekha Pande
I relive my life,
the smiles I smiled,
the tears I shed,
the hurts, the pains,
the losses and the gains,
I pour it all,
like a film on the wall.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberSam Titi Pudumo
In the height of my solitude,
I poured out my deepest thoughts
into my dark and empty silhouette.
Words filled my existence.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberBeena Baburajan
An emotional catharsis.
The best therapy in progress.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberShilpika Bagh
Only if I could pen down my thoughts;
and live the life I have sought.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberPooja Abhay Nirmal
The words that we spill out
shows what we are filled with.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
Alone in thoughts, I pen a story
reflecting the image of
my inner beauty.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberSakina Kudrati
You are a product
of your thoughts
which reveals your
personality for the lot.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
The best story ever written,
is on the reflections
where your shadows had formed.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberFelicia Renteria-Holmes
Your words are the
embodiment of your thoughts.

Wise Pick For 23 November

Kathy Labossiere
Our lives are reflective
with every word we write.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberAlden Arsènal
You are the product
of your own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberKim DeCocco-Sharon
Within my words
my shadow traces me.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberFrankie Crabtree England
Be the author
of your own story.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberDianah Mumbeja
Whatever we do defines us.
Write your own story wisely.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberAshish Verma
We are the writer
of our own destiny.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberPeter
Writing your own story
in your own image.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberArchisha Bhadauria
You are
your own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberBrittany
And only in the shadows
of where I was,
can I pen the words
I never said.

Wise Pick For 23 NovemberTaranjit Singh
Self-reflection is the
key to understand the self.

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