Wise Pick For 23 August

Wise Pick For 23 August

wise pick 26 aug1

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

Your children
will mirror your example,
and one day
you will see your reflection.



wise pick 26 aug2

Sulekha Pande

What we give,
to the young and hapless,
comes back to bite us,
when we’re old and helpless.



wise pick 26 aug3

Kiriazi Karen

Teach your child,
love, kindness and respect
and they will grow
to be better humans.



wise pick 26 aug4

Siony Benemerito McCor

Show children respect, compassion,
instead of hatred.
Someday, you’ll appreciate
with nothing to regret.



wise pick 26 aug5

Shilpika Bagh

The words we “yell”;
are “echoed” back as well.



wise pick 26 aug6

Monica Mishra

Children learn
from the environment they are in.
Make sure they get
the love, warmth and affection they need,
to be a good human being.



wise pick 26 aug7

Ashish Verma

The same words of rage
will bounce back by your child
in your old age
and leave you
helpless and disengage.



wise pick 26 aug8

Becka Lynn

What we learn as young children
becomes a big part of
who we become as adults.



wise pick 26 aug9

Carol Downey Dawson

The way you speak to your children
is a predestination of how
they will speak to you.



wise pick 26 aug10

Wayne Kelley

Abuse and anger
can be passed through generations.



wise pick 26 aug11

Brett Cameron
Don’t pass it on!
The baby remembers
what the old man forgets.



wise pick 26 aug12

Juhi Srivastava
Be the person
you want your children to be.



wise pick 26 aug13

Jim Joseph Sarona

Misconduct discipline
grows the child undisciplined.



wise pick 26 aug14

Marcial Rivera

Your child
will grow up to be
who you are.



wise pick 26 aug15

Wendy Smith

Children learn by example!



wise pick 26 aug16

Gomathi Murugesan

You get served
with what u deserve back.



wise pick 26 aug17


Legacy built
on agression
will some day hinder
your own soul.

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