Wise Pick For 22 November

wise pick 25nov

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 22 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

wise pick 25nov1

Ashish Verma
We have lost our real identity
by wearing masks of different kinds.

wise pick 25nov2

Patrick De Leon
The mask we wear
to face the world we bear.

wise pick 25nov3
Kufre Stephens
Behind every face,
there is a mask
people choose to wear.

wise pick 25nov4
Adele Lynn
Most people
pick out a tie for the day
while Narcopaths pick which mask
will serve them best that day.

wise pick 25nov5
Rinku Shah
I am faceless without a mask.
Choosing one
to face the world every day
is a task.

wise pick 25nov6
Meghana Chauhan
Let’s choose another face
for another day.
It might be of happiness or awe
or the neutral face
to go through the day.

wise pick 25nov7
Mai Quesada
Pick the masks
that suit your need for today.

wise pick 25nov1
Phyllis Snider Boyer
As we ponder
which emotion to express,
we ask ourselves- why?

wise pick 25nov9

Chinhita Bose
Each day is a tiring task.
Taking off and wearing a new mask.

wise pick 25nov10
Bob Dee
Whichever mask you choose
to face the day with
is your choice alone.

wise pick 25nov11
Patricia Gaffney
Which face
shall I wear today?

wise pick 25nov12
Faith Marie
When we feel empty of emotions
we wear a mask.

wise pick 25nov13

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Choose wisely
the face you choose to wear
as it may affect how you face the day.

wise pick 25nov14
Sulekha Pande
We all select a mask
to show the world,
every day.

wise pick 25nov15
Wicked Bad Girl
A man of many faces
is never sure which to choose.

wise pick 25nov16
Ngosa Pande
Life makes us wear
different masks;
reflecting our perception
of the outside world.

wise pick 25nov17
Chris Cooper
The bearer of many faces
will always remain faceless.

wise pick 25nov18
Pelumi Samuel
Trying to please everyone
with different faces
and not being your true self.

wise pick 25nov19
Sara McCaslin
I’m a person of many faces,
can I trust enough
to show you the real me.

wise pick 25nov20
Kim Mural
This is me.
Who should I pretend to be?

wise pick 25nov21
Taranjit Singh
I decorated myself
to please others
but it only resulted in
loss of my true self.


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