Wise Pick For 22 August

Wise Pick 22 August

wisepick 25 aug1

Pelumi Samuel

The key to love is

to open your mind.



wisepick 25 aug2

Ammey Zeu Lim

open the mind

with key of love.


wisepick 25 aug3

Sulekha Pande

The way to a man’s mind
is through love.
Open up all the closed doors.



wisepick 25 aug4

Emily Williams

Don’t let love
hold the key
that unlocks the mind.



wisepick 25 aug5

Annette Hawkins

The key to one’s heart
is in the wisdom of love
that comes from
within our mind.



wisepick 25 aug6

Amrita Mishra

Love has the power
to change and unlock everything.



wisepick 25 aug7

Ashish Verma

I am keeping the key
of my heart into your mind
with the belief of keeping it
safe throughout life.



wisepick 25 aug8

Maria Ferns

Key stored in his mind,
None of them worthy could find.
Kindness was her art,
Took her straight to his heart.



wisepick 25 aug9

Monica Mishra

Love is the key

to your partner’s

healthy mind.




Felicia Renteria-Holmes

The person who holds
the key to your heart,
is the only one who
knows the fullness of your love.



wisepick 25 aug11

Shilpika Bagh

Don’t let anyone hold the “key”;
of the way you wish to “see”.



wisepick 25 aug12

Marilou Villamayor Sapanta

Love is the key

to unlock those

who have silent battles.



wisepick 25 aug13

Sherry Greene

I’d like to slip a key
Right into your mind
So you don’t forget me
And leave love behind.



wisepick 25 aug14

Rinku Shah

A loving hand,
Is like a magic wand.
Use it like a key,
To set his mind free!



wisepick 25 aug15


Think with your heart
and you can unlock
the toughest minds.
When Love didn’t last.
Staying broken is insane,
I want to love again,
But without pain.



wisepick 25 aug16


Love is key!



wisepick 25 aug17

Woke Gurl

Love is the key

to unlocking the mind.


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