Wise Pick For 21 December

Wise Pick For 21 December

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 21 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberLeta Marie DeMello
With this pen as my weapon,
I brave these words.
Despite all consequence,
the truth shall be heard.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberKamlesh Bhasin

The courageous mind
need no censure
when there’s strength in the hand
to pen down all truth.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberSulekha Pande

Free speech is an illusion,
Censuring is, curtailing expression…

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberAdrienne Patt

Every word etched
into a piece of paper
should be meticulously chosen,
for words have
immense irreversible impact
on people.

Wise Pick 24 Dec 5

Beena Baburajan
When expressions flow passionately…
Let it pass through the screen of reality…
Freedom comes with a responsibility….
That we owe to a literate Society!

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberShannon Curtis

The pen is only mightier
as long as “we” approve.
Step out of line and “we” will silence you.

Wise Pick 24 Dec 7

Phyllis Snider Boyer
Expression under threat of condemnation
is either a brave statement
or a safe declaration.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberSandy Rozelman

There will always be consequences
but still put your thoughts into words.
Write your story.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberStacey Griffin

Be wary of your written words
for freedom of speech
is an illusion created by censure!

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberRinku Shah

People will be upset…
When your expression is a threat.
Own your story,
Leave them to worry!

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberKarmoni KY

No freedom of expression,
But just an illusion.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberCeree Davis

The pen may be mightier
than the sword
but the guillotine of censorship is swift

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberDaniel L Khork

When the government finds out the pen
is mightier than the sword

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberNeetu Daga

Standing by truth
mostly leads to the cutting edge
of a living life.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberLife Coach

Write your heart out
and don’t let anyone censor you
and your story.

Wise Pick For 21 DecemberDebra Pry

The illusion of free speech.

Wise Pick 24 Dec 17

M Jeyaram
Wrestle what resists your wrist!


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