Wise Pick For 21 August


Wisepick 24 aug1

Faith Dunsmuir

Beating yourself up
over the past,
it serves no purpose
in your future.


Wisepick 24 aug2
Uy Si Selina

And sometimes,
you are a rival of your own self.


Wisepick 24 aug3
Vergel Lynden Charm

The shadow of your past decisions
reflects your current painful situation

Wisepick 24 aug4

Pauline Ebijimi
Sometimes it’s not things or situations
that put us down,
it’s ourself.


Wisepick 24 aug5

Joe Rodgers

We are harder on ourselves
than anyone else
could ever be.

Wisepick 24 aug6

Sulekha Pande

I got up early,
but woke up very late,
I had lost everything
that I held dear, to my fate,
now I have all the time in the world,
to berate, blame and criticize myself

Wisepick 24 aug7

Rinku Shah

Stop this self bashing,
enough of loathing.
You did your best,
forget the rest!


Wisepick 24 aug8

Ashish Verma

I often blame myself
for the past misdeeds
I couldn’t resist.


Wisepick 24 aug9

Sherry Greene

We all make mistakes.
Beating yourself up
Only bends your back.
Own your mistakes.
Stand tall and move on.


Wisepick 24 aug10

Dianna Jacobs

Humans are programmed
to beat themselves up
with their own thoughts
like the world that does
the same thing to them.



Wisepick 24 aug11

Shilpika Bagh

Don’t “beat” yourself up;
to “meet” the expectations of others.


Wisepick 24 aug12

Debbie Gurriere

Beating yourself up
over mistakes made
prevents you from standing
tall to face the world.


Wisepick 24 aug13

Susan Vonderheid

The enemy is inside you.


Wisepick 24 aug14


Don’t self destruct yourself,
by being too hard on yourself.
Be ruthlessly kind to yourself.


Wisepick 24 aug15

William Knight

Control your thoughts
and your hands won’t want
to make a fist.


Wisepick 24 aug16

Cecilia Ignacio

Don’t blame yourself
for some failures in your life.
All you’ve got to do
is stand up again with your head up.


Wisepick 24 aug17

Cristie Ciara Junio Bato

Don’t be too hard to yourself.
In this era
self love is the new happiness.


Wisepick 24 aug18


Nobody else is a bigger critic
of you than yourself


Wisepick 24 aug19


Don’t let your negativity
to be the better judge of you.


Wisepick 24 aug20

Pelumi Samuel

Never condemn yourself,
the only person that can stop you
is yourself.

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