Wise Pick For 20 September

wise pic for 23sep

wise pic for 23sep1Pelumi Samuel
The heart is like a grenade, sensitive to any emotional or negative comments been said.

wise pic for 23sep2Mary Kirkpatrick
Our life force initiator,
is also our life extinguisher.

wise pic for 23sep3Nc Dash
The hurt Heart bleeds to death unless plugged with love and care.

wise pic for 23sep4Mai Quesada
Never put a pin in your heart rendering it non-functional when it is purposely designed to give life and love to everyone!

wise pic for 23sep5Madhavrao Sanap
Accumulated feelings can explode even after you try to lock your heart. So let heart express and connect with the mind brain and soul for natural peace.

wise pic for 23sep6Amanda Snow
He didn’t truly understand what it meant to love another, not completely, for his heart had gotten old and rusty stuck in solitude afraid of its own magnificence and power.

wise pic for 23sep7Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
Beware the beating of my heart
Its rhythm holds the secrets of my soul
And has the capacity to blow my life apart.

wise pic for 23sep8Jackie De Klerk
As fragile as the heart can be,
so too is it devastatingly.
For with every beat,
it’s closer to a blast’s complete.

wise pic for 23sep9Aciila Amrie Oowds
Pull the pin, and spend a lifetime basking in the limelight of my ever exploding heart.

wise pic for 23sep10Dianna Jacobs
The Heart is a ticking time bomb full of passion ready to be released when tempted by the essence of Love.

wise pic for 23sep11Rinku Shah
What you don’t say,
Never goes away.
Your heart will implode…
For the emotions that never flowed!

wise pic for 23sep12Shilpika Bagh
A broken heart “conceals”; more than one can “conceive”.

wise pic for 23sep13Imelda R. Garcia
Our heart is as explosive as our emotions within, all we must do is release them.

wise pic for 23sep14Sulekha Pande
Pull the pin out,
that punctured your heart

wise pic for 23sep15Ashish Verma
Unpin the tangled sentiments of your heart for unraveled life.

wise pic for 23sep16Penni Harris
The heart is strong, yet fragile

wise pic for 23sep17Siony Benemerito McCor
Let your heart pump
with love,
Never to destroy someone’s

wise pic for 23sep18Wahnchai Johnson
Wounded hearts need to be handled with great care.

wise pic for 23sep19Lisa Dutkiewicz
Never let anyone pull your pin; for your heart will burst within.

wise pic for 23sep20Leta DeMello
The heart can thrive if handled with care or explode with neglect – you choose.

wise pic for 23sep21Xiaxia Ibero
In every beat there’s a life to live and thus in every tick, awakens the rage of destructive complexity.

wise pic for 23sep22mishrapreet
This grenade is full of explosive removing pin could tear you apart emotionally

wise pic for 23sep23Swapnil naithani
Feelings hidden inside our hearts usually show up with an explosion.

wise pic for 23sep24Mouths0fbabes
The most essential organ with an invisible expiry pin that its owner isn’t in control of. Enjoy every day like your pin could be pulled.

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