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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 20 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryGina Marino-Vitiello
The crown you wear on the outside
may look powerful
but it doesn’t fill the emptiness inside
like connection with another can.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryDavid Chapman

Do not give so much of yourself
to make others whole
that you are left in pieces.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryIlda Coelho

Don’t lose yourself
to complete other’s

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

People give so much of themselves
to help others whilst
they lose themselves
in the process.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuarySulekha Pande

With a small gesture of giving,
Make someone feel like a king.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuarySiony Benemerito McCor

Generosity comes from the heart.
An important piece to have
Other than a crown on the head.
To make oneself complete.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryAshish Verma

A man in power will never be obliged
by the many sacrifices
an ordinary man does
just to make him whole.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryAkanksha Agrawal

Giver might be small
but keeps his head tall.
Taker might be royal
but stretches out his hand.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryRinku Shah

Giving never made anyone small,
Rather being helpful
makes you stand tall!

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryKathy Alshaye

Stop giving away pieces of yourself…
or you will have nothing left.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryCarolyn Williams

Don’t give up the best pieces of yourself
trying to make someone else whole.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryBeena Baburajan

How can you complete another like Royalty?
With pieces of yourself given away in Slavery?
The most disturbing logic…
Between a Narcissist and an Empath!

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryAdrainenne Monique Gordon

Why do we keep giving pieces of ourselves
to others while we remain incomplete.
It’s out of love

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryAnjana Surendran

Innocent souls sacrifice their lives
to quench the thirst of those in power.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryShilpika Bagh

One is in peace “when complete”;
other finds peace
in making “one complete”

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryLathah Muniandy

Your generosity
is my kingdom.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryJody
Taking pieces out of yourself
to complete others,
leaves you the one
with the missing pieces.

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryKashish

Sometimes you can find
your missing piece in others

Wise Pick For 20 JanuarySusie Q

Take a piece of me
to complete a piece of you

Wise Pick For 20 JanuaryJen J

If you let em,
they will take your last
to complete themselves
while leaving you in pieces


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