Wise Pick For 2 October

wise pick 5 oct

wise pick 5 oct1Grace A. Comia
The path in between
thought and feeling
is the road best taken
to balance extremes.

wise pick 5 oct2Shweta Yadav
Not solely heart,
not solely brain;
balancing between the two
will make you go.

wise pick 5 oct3Ghadeer Deraz
Always choose
the balanced path
between your heart
and your mind.

wise pick 5 oct4Ashish Verma
Taking the decisions
combining both mind
and heart
is what makes life
easy and untangled.

wise pick 5 oct5Kathy Labossiere
The heart and mind
are connected.
Therefore our decisions
are a combination of both.

wise pick 5 oct6Sulekha Pande
Strike a logical balance
between your brain and heart.

wise pick 5 oct7Rush Rush
When heart
and mind combines
we come up with
best decisions in life.

wise pick 5 oct8Carrol Sue Cunningham
The path between your heart
and brain is faith.
Faith will see you through.
Choose faith
and keep on walking.
It is always an open door.

wise pick 5 oct9Rinku Shah
A choice
between the heart and brain.
Don’t treat it like a pain.
Simply walk in.
Listen to
the little voice within!

wise pick 5 oct10Reumah Yin
Harmonious wisdom
of feeling and
wisdom of mind
creates a positive attitude.

wise pick 5 oct11Jolynn Natman
Walking in the world
with both mind and heart,
allows you as a human
to do your part.

wise pick 5 oct12Rivi Verma 
The art of balancing
your emotional
and practical thoughts.

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