Wise Pick For 2 March

Wise Pick 5 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 2 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 5 March 1
Anjana Surendran

Ends become chaotic
when means are held by others.

Wise Pick 5 March 2
Rinku Shah

With patience and sincerity.
You can make an entangled
mind head towards clarity!

Wise Pick 5 March 3
Martha Mandaric

Someone is always picking
the brain of those who are initiators,
imaginative and intelligent.
Consider it a compliment.

Wise Pick 5 March 4
Nc Dash

Society’s push and pull holds
one mentally bonded.
Extricate yourself from the bondages.

Wise Pick 5 March 5
Mary Kirkpatrick

Pick my brains, unravel my thoughts.
I hope you find what has been sought.

Wise Pick 5 March 6
Karen Itaas De Leon

Do not let the others’ manipulations
control your thoughts. Own those strings.

Wise Pick 5 March 7
Kritika Anand

Let none mess with the rhythm
that controls your mind and soul.

Wise Pick 5 March 8
Heena Kathuria

Let’s detangle the wires of societal
pressures and set the soul free.

Wise Pick 5 March 9
Kim DeCocco-Sharon

Only you can untangle the thoughts
of your twisted thoughts in your mind.

Wise Pick 5 March 10
Ceona Chambers

When you allow others to pull your strings.
They may unravel your entire perspective.

Wise Pick 5 March 11
Linda Mansolf

Tie up the ends to complete your thoughts.

Wise Pick 5 March 12
Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

A knotted world, enmeshed in a maze of no return!

Wise Pick 5 March 13
Lucie Brunet

Confusion it will get straight eventually
just keep on pulling slowly .

Wise Pick 5 March 14
Sheena Gupta

Let not your mind be a puppet in their hands.

Wise Pick 5 March 15
Kamlesh Bhasin

Clever fingertips can untangle the confused mind.

Wise Pick 5 March 16
Gayatri Shenoy

For clarity of thought, untangle the web of
prejudices and biases from your mind.

Wise Pick 5 March 17
Payal Jawa

“Don’t woven your thoughts in mind,
release them and relax your mind ”

Wise Pick 5 March 18

Stop Playing with my mind !

Wise Pick 5 March 19
Kufre Stephens

How can I unravel the mystery behind these twisted thoughts?

Wise Pick 5 March 20
Coach Jayme | Mindset Coach

It’s in the darkest of moments when our chaos is sorted out.


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