Wise Pick For 2 July

Wise Pick For 2 July

Wise Pick For 2 July1

 Sulekha Pande

Even in your embrace,
I can feel another face.

Wise Pick For 2 July2

Bharti Mittal

I left behind
my own shadow
to find your love.

Wise Pick For 2 July3

Leslea Hibbert – Osmond

Staring at myself
from days passed
as I hold my future.
Believing in
my own strength
to let go of whats
no longer needed.

Wise Pick For 2 July4

Rinku Shah

Even in your embrace,
I missed my old face.
The happiness had gone
with you, I still felt alone.

Wise Pick For 2 July5

Frances McCabe

As much as we love each other,
I know there will always be
a special place in your heart
only she can fill.

Wise Pick For 2 July6

Ashish Verma

The pain
in the past haunts me
and makes me feel doubtful
to love again.

Wise Pick For 2 July7

Shilpika Bagh

Giving in for the ’embrace’;
losing her own ‘face’.

Wise Pick For 2 July8

Archana Kumari

Trauma of my past
haunts me, whenever,
I am about to lose myself
in your arms.

Wise Pick For 2 July9

Crista Winterkorn

Loving someone
in another’s shadow,
is a painful reminder
of who we can’t be.

Wise Pick For 2 July10

Mary Kirkpatrick

In your embrace,
I sense the essence,
of a past relationship

Wise Pick For 2 July11

Raul Ruiz

If you don’t heal what hurt you,
you’ll bleed on people
who never cut you.

Wise Pick For 2 July12

Valencia Strength-Reborn Ferguson

This relationship
made me see the shadow
of my former self.

Wise Pick For 2 July13

Lisa Shadix

I lost myself loving you.

Wise Pick For 2 July14

Jackie De Klerk

Longing for the girl
that I once was.

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