Wise Pick For 19 September

wise pick for 22 sep

wise pick for 22 sep1Shilpika Bagh
Living in your “comfort” zone; may “confine” you for life

wise pick for 22 sep2Margi Zoltek
“When convenience is more important than freedom”

wise pick for 22 sep3Siony Benemerito McCor
We are held captive by the lifestyles we have chosen.

wise pick for 22 sep4Meti Diamond Mollineau
We get trapped within our own thought patterns never realizing we can move beyond our self-imposed restrictions.

wise pick for 22 sep5Roshni Goonraj Beeharry
We all live within the boundaries of our own choices
but few will adjust and find comfort in them

wise pick for 22 sep6Pauline Ebijimi
There are some situations that we can’t just escape from
but rather we turn it into something beautiful.

wise pick for 22 sep7Ashish Verma
Making cosy confinement.

wise pick for 22 sep8Mai Quesada
Life becomes better when we take steps
to alleviate the suffering it brings!

wise pick for 22 sep9Surendra Mahindrakar
You have tools!
Either Confine or Set free is your choice …
Majority confine for temporary comfort!

wise pick for 22 sep10Wayne Kelley
Concentrating on only one pleasure
can keep you from seeing the bigger picture
and escape to a new destination.

wise pick for 22 sep11Carol Wagoner
We are often so comfortable with our current confinement
that we seldom seek adventures in the outside world!

wise pick for 22 sep12Ashok Pande
Our efforts to break this wall of
Restrictions & suffocation,
For a whiff of,
Some fresh air of freedom,
But all we attain,
Is a doctored image of this,
Fresh air of freedom & yet,
We sleep,
Happy in the knowledge,
We are truly free.

wise pick for 22 sep13Sherilyn Campbell
We all need to have some control over parts of lives.
It allows us to cope better in stressful situations.

wise pick for 22 sep14Sherry Greene
“Looking to escape?” I asked.
“Yes, the heat!” he answered.

wise pick for 22 sep15Leta DeMello
With determination and perseverance one can make a pleasant life even in the most confined environment.

wise pick for 22 sep16Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
It’s not always about escaping our seemingly grim current situation,
Rather creating ways for our contentment and acclimation.

wise pick for 22 sep17Pam Schaffer
It is a shame that people only seek
the modern comforts when it is possible to be free!

wise pick for 22 sep18Rinku Shah
When comfort is a priority,
It alters your mentality.
Wrong choice are made…
And freedom delayed!

wise pick for 22 sep19Orsiela Silla Wiese
You can only be set free once you step out of the comfort zone imprisoned in your mind.

wise pick for 22 sep20Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Knowing what you want is the most important step towards getting it.

wise pick for 22 sep21Preksha Agrawal
Comfort by innovative appliances have veiled the love for nature

wise pick for 22 sep22Sulekha Pande
Finding a comfortable solution,
one can relax and enjoy every situation

wise pick for 22 sep23Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Never lose hope because in your dreams you are free.

wise pick for 22 sep24Jan Steve Stiller
Make Life Bearable No matter Where You’re At

wise pick for 22 sep25HAWAI’I  DREAMIN’
Don’t get comfortable in your own prison

wise pick for 22 sep26Deepak Borole
Getting comfortable with misery will keep you imprisoned.

wise pick for 22 sep27Pelumi Samuel
No matter the circumstances, always think of the positive.

wise pick for 22 sep28April Gorrill
Freedom is an illusion. Might as well get comfortable

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