Wise Pick For 19 August

Wise Pick For 19 August

Wise Pick 19 August1

Linda Mansolf

A toxic love will deflate
your values in life.

Wise Pick 19 August2

Amrita Mishra

The thorns of ego, fear, doubt
will eventually cause deflation of
love and trust.

Amrita Mishra The thorns of ego, fear, doubt will eventually cause deflation of love and trust.

Valerie Brown-Kuchera

She exhibited
an innocent air,
as she approached
the handsome pierce.

Wise Pick 19 August4

Lathah Muniandy

Though your
prickly spines hurts,
my love will burgeon in your stems.

Wise Pick 19 August5

Joe Rodgers

He was rigid and dangerous
and she was delicate and free.
But love cannot be confined.
The heart wants what the heart wants.

Wise Pick 19 August6

Sulekha Pande

Don’t fall for a missed match.
A man with thorns and toxicity
will never be a great catch.

Wise Pick 19 August7

Maria Ferns

Working together
is the technique.
Despite our differences
we are unique.
Let’s create memories
before we burst
into individual dreams.

Wise Pick 19 August8

Rinku Shah

You are fragile,
he will play with you only for a while.
Then you will pop;
think before you make this stop.

Wise Pick 19 August9

Badet Laya

A girl with a floating mind
must stay away from a thorned man
for it will only break and kill you.

Wise Pick 19 August10

Maja Okorn

Loving someone
who doesn’t love you back
is like hugging a cactus.
The tighter you hold on,
the more it hurts.

Wise Pick 19 August11

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

It is heart wrenching
to love someone
you can never touch.

Wise Pick 19 August12

Katarzyna Ela

Keep on floating
high above the pricks.

Wise Pick 19 August13

Akshaya Koroth

Toxic relationship
threatens life.

Wise Pick 19 August14

Maya Thorpe

A love
that can never
truly be shared.

Wise Pick 19 August15

Soumil Basu Mullick

There is beauty
in love between opposites;
destructive yet unique.

Wise Pick 19 August16

mona david

To love or not?
The choice could either
save us or break us.



Wise Pick 19 August17


I am a cactus,
you a balloon.
Restrain from touch,
else meet your doom.


Wise Pick 19 August18

Amanda Seerane

Funny how we
always gravitate
towards our death.


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