Wise Pick For 18 October

wise pick 21 oct

wise pick 21 oct1Ashish Verma
Choose your words wisely
as they can confine you likely.

wise pick 21 oct2Lisa Hammock
Don’t let
your negative words
weigh you down.

wise pick 21 oct3Sulekha Pande
Think before you speak,
your words can bind you
in chains.

wise pick 21 oct4Mary Kirkpatrick
Be immaculate
with your words
and try to refrain,
before your expressions
become a ball and chain.

wise pick 21 oct5Kathy Pogachnick
Your words can hold you captive.
Be impeccable with your word
and you will become light
and soar high.

wise pick 21 oct6Phyllis Snider Boyer
Our journey would be easier
if we didn’t shackle ourselves with
heavy thoughts and deeds.
Lighten your load
with kindness and charity.

wise pick 21 oct7Sherry Greene
We are chained
to our own thoughts
until someone listens
and they are set free.

wise pick 21 oct8Shilpika Bagh
We are ‘bound’
to the words we speak;
so ‘think’ twice
before you utter these.

wise pick 21 oct9Mary Chamel Oronea
We are responsible or accountable
for every spoken words
of our mouths.

wise pick 21 oct10Meti Diamond Mollineau
What we speak drives
what we intentionally do.
We are thus limited
by our words.

wise pick 21 oct11Tzorel Christina
We are imprisoned
in our words and our thoughts.

wise pick 21 oct12Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Don’t be a prisoner
of your own mind.

wise pick 21 oct13Barbara Bauer
Don’t let your words
shackle you.
Be careful when you speak.

wise pick 21 oct14Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
Shackled by the verbage
I speak and believe.
Molded by the reality
it creates for me.

wise pick 21 oct15Rinku Shah
Words can restrain
like you’re tied up with a chain.

wise pick 21 oct16Sherry Greene
My words are really worthless
if they travel no further than me.

wise pick 21 oct17Gena Brixey Bias
to my own thoughts.

wise pick 21 oct18Heart Talk
Your words are the biggest
blessing or the curse
you ever get.

wise pick 21 oct19moustapha Geeman
Enslave by the words
we speak.

wise pick 21 oct20_no_name
You are the
prisoner of your words.

wise pick 21 oct21Siddharthkhurana
Slave of your own wordings.
So choose words wisely.

wise pick 21 oct22Divya Jain
Choose your words carefully
for they have the audacity
to confine you
within your own chosen shackles.

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