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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 18 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberKim DeCocco-Sharon
Never be held a victim of a toxic love,
for you will never grow.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberBuffyjo Renken
A kiss for all to see,
then belittle when its just you & me.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberSherry Greene

When someone tries
to make you feel small,
Stand tall.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberSharon Stahlhut

Never diminish yourself
for anyone.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberMai Quesada

Never belittle yourself!
Stand tall and know your worth!
How you treat yourself
reveals who you are!

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberSulekha Pande

Don’t allow people
to manipulate you
with false love…

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberLynn Laveau Lund

“I love you…I hate you.”
Avoid toxic people
and find your self worth.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberLeta Marie DeMello

If they hold you
in the palm of your hand,
you’ve stunted your growth
to fit their standard.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberRicha Tripathi

Beware of the beautiful, loving,
caring masks people wear.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberPhyllis Snider Boyer

False love is like a hot wind…
the breeze may temporarily soothe you,
but the heat of it still burns.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberRebecca Simmons

Don’t let negative self talk
make you feel small.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberFaith Dunsmuir

Emotional abuse comes in many forms.
They act like they love you
while behind closed doors they belittle you

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberHelene Leanos

Parents who intimidate,
raise insecure children.
Love expands, negatively diminishes.

Wise Pick 21 Dec 25

Edna Tortor Fregene
The apparent view is often an illusion
of the real view.
Be careful, don’t be too trusting.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberNeelam Mirani

Appearances are sometimes deceiving

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberPooja Abhay Nirmal

Sweet talkers mostly spew
the worst kind of invisible venom…

Wise Pick For 18 Decemberfatimashirazi

Recognize the enemy
within you

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberKufre Stephens

The duality of humans.
We all have
our good and ugly reactions
to people

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberTimothy Fishman

Self-Love conquers
the inner enemy of insecurities

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberNeetu Daga

Find your inner peace
or else be ruined
with your expectations

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberHamras Mhd

She seems harsh for some
but she is the most loving.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberRinku Shah

Watch out for what they don’t say…
To belittle you each time
they find a new way!

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberBeena Baburajan

The art of deception…
Needs no introduction.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberWanda Thomson

Don’t ever allow someones words
to reduce you.

Wise Pick For 18 DecemberMary Kirkpatrick

When you let people minimize you,
you hand them control
of all you say and do.


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