Wise Pick For 17 September

wise pick 20 sep

wise pick 20 sep1Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Loving the real in us seems to be a task,
Instead, we become enamored with the image of a mask.

wise pick 20 sep2Wicked Bad Girl
We think we need a mask to be loved
because the person underneath isn’t good enough.
What we don’t realize, is that
we’re loving a mask, too.

wise pick 20 sep3Sulekha Pande
Deeply in love with each other’s facades

wise pick 20 sep4Payal Monga
Amazing Paradox -we keep loving the images we have created in our minds -hoping the other fits in the mould to be disillusioned!!

wise pick 20 sep5Mina Harker
The illusion of love – loving the ideal version of your partner, rather than truly loving their reality.

wise pick 20 sep6Sabiha Nikhat
When Love embraces the soul,
Then the Facades lose its role.

wise pick 20 sep7ÑShobhna Kanwař
Loving the masks of fascination not the souls of loyalty
Living in imagination
and reality is left far behind

wise pick 20 sep8Rinku Shah
Real intimacy is in acceptance,
Not pretence.
Drop the masks and look into each other’s eyes…
It will strengthen the ties!

wise pick 20 sep9Catalina Wellington
We are in love with each other’s masks
with the illusion it presents
because we think that what is underneath will not be truly loved by another

wise pick 20 sep10Danielle Smith
Two souls entwined with the idea of perfect love,
too close to see that neither sees the other.

wise pick 20 sep11Carol Downey Dawson
True love doesn’t come from a mask,
it comes from a soul.

wise pick 20 sep12Sherry Greene
Do you truly love that person,
Or to whom you do perceive?
If you can’t look in the eye at love
Then it’s time for you to leave.

wise pick 20 sep13Alan Scott
Loving the masks we wear instead of who we really are.

wise pick 20 sep14Faith Dunsmuir
A masked affair in the ocean of life
is not the same as exposing yourself to someone you love.

wise pick 20 sep15Siony Benemerito McCor
Submerged in each other’s illusions,
Holding the mask of expectations,
The cold truth is lying beneath..
Remained to be taken for granted.

Wise Pick For 20 September16Karizz Mwema
Mankind has lost all authenticity
There is nothing like perfect, it’s all imaginary
Just truly love whoever opens up their heart to you

wise pick 20 sep17Shilpika Bagh
When you fall for “facade” ; the real love will “fade”

Wise Pick For 20 September18Monica Mishra
Love is real when you take off the mask of fakeness
and be the original self that you are.

wise pick 20 sep19Felicia Renteria-Holmes
With our eyes closed neither of us will ever see,
the real you or the real me.

wise pick 20 sep20Cidney Aurora
Don’t fall for the mask we all present to the world.
Get to know the person behind the mask.

wise pick 20 sep21Ashish Verma
The idea of being in love now-a-days
is to think of making love with each other’s facades.

wise pick 20 sep22Debra Pry
The facade of love is an illusion.
The deepest love comes from the soul.

wise pick 20 sep23Dianna Jacobs
Loves illusion is that People we love
are masked by people who we think we love.

wise pick 20 sep24Tricia Lynn
I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.

wise pick 20 sep25John Gilbreath II
In love with an ideal and not reality

wise pick 20 sep26Priyanka Vohra
Deep in embrace, souls tied together, they call it love. But do they know they love a mask they themselves hold, a mere mirror of their own projections, of their own fantasies…so far from reality. Physically connected, spiritually apart. It’s a modern-day love story

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