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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 17 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberMina Harker
Shield yourself
from deceit hidden inside
colorful words of advice.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberLeta Marie DeMello

I have chosen to remain unaffected
by toxic words.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberRicha Lal

Protect yourself well,
from the showers of unkind words
that dwell…

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberRinku Shah

Protect your paradise,
Keep at bay unwanted advice!

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberResh Sh

Other people’s opinions
have nothing to do with you,
stay positive and
continue to shine always.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberShilpika Bagh

Clouds that thunder “loud”;
rarely shower “rains”;
people that “boast”;
barely have much to “say”.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberRicha Tripathi

Guard yourself
against the judgment of others.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberKim DeCocco-Sharon

Some people
are showering words of negativity..
don’t let them rain on your day.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberRational Akrofi Akuffo

Don’t give others
the pleasure of your response
from their negative utterances.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberPhyllis Snider Boyer

Deflect a rain of gibberish
from invading your peace of mind.

Wise Pick For 17 Decemberjust_kissy

Shield yourself against
words of destructive criticisms
and judgments.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberKristen Michele

self-care is protecting yourself
against the storm of others’ words.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberFaridah Saly

Shield yourself from negativity.
Protect your energy.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberPreeti Babbar

Shield yourself with self-belief
and shoo the haters

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberFaith Dunsmuir

If you’re constantly hiding
behind something
how can you hear
what others have to say?

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberAnand Kateja

Protect your self
from negative speaking people…

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberSauvik Kundu

Make sure that
unnecessary words of others
don’t harm your inner peace.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberLynn Laveau Lund

Shield yourself from anyone
who spews negativity at you.
Don’t let anyone rain on your parade!

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberCeree Davis

Words sting like the cold rain
against your skin.
Protect yourself.

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberBeena Baburajan

Your opinion
is not my reality!

Wise Pick For 17 DecemberDeepti Ahuja

Use wisely the words
of overtalkative people


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