Wise Pick For 16 September

wise pick 19 sep

wise pick 19 sep1Kay Johnson
Take care of your inner child
and your inner child will take care of you.

wise pick 19 sep2Sulekha Pande
If I could go back in time,
and give myself all the love,
that I deserved,
but did not receive.

wise pick 19 sep3Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Your love helped me
to flourish and grow,
that’s the kind of love
I want you to know.

wise pick 19 sep4Siony Benemerito McCor
Self love, gives us the confidence
to carry ourselves,
between the boundaries of childhood fantasies,
and to the reality of the present.

wise pick 19 sep5Pam Schaffer
We need to hold ourselves
in our minds hearts and arms forever.

wise pick 19 sep6Rinku Shah
I learnt unconditional love from the little me.
Wonder why did we
want to grow up so fast,
Wish our childhood could forever last!

wise pick 19 sep7Pauline Ebijimi
There is nothing as beautiful as embracing your inner self.
What you seek, it’s you that can give yourself not the world.

wise pick 19 sep8Ashok Pande
Holding on to the innocence
Of the child in you,
Enables you to trust & love others but,
But for that to happen,
You need to love yourself first.

wise pick 19 sep9Marie Bryant-Day
A child’s unconditional love and blind trust,
is what every adult should feel for themselves
… self-love

wise pick 19 sep10Nc Dash
Love and Care given to your children
come back to you often doubly and triply.

wise pick 19 sep11Michael Stegmaier
I held you while you were little,
but you were the one who has always held me together

wise pick 19 sep12Kim Markey
That inner, little girl, needs your love
for the adult to grow old, well.

wise pick 19 sep13Kathy Pogachnick
Embrace the simple joyful child in you.
That is where you will find yourself again.

wise pick 19 sep14Ashish Verma
A hug from your child often looms large
against all the problems of your life.

wise pick 19 sep15Cyrina Gypsy
The child within always knows how to heal the adult without

wise pick 19 sep16Sherry Greene
Does the child within
Still control the adult you?
Do your early fears
Dictate the you of now?
Don’t you think
It’s time to let go
And grow?

wise pick 19 sep17Bob Dee
In the beginning, you’d think you were raising them when in reality, it’s always been the other way around.

wise pick 19 sep18Shilpika Bagh
You find “solace”; in an “embrace”

wise pick 19 sep19Zulema Alanis
Hugging my inner child.

wise pick 19 sep20Donna McCarthy
Embrace your inner child.

wise pick 19 sep21Sandy Rozelman
Cherish the person you will become

wise pick 19 sep22deniciarmz_1076
We must return to the child within us all in order to heal our adult wounds.

wise pick 19 sep23Divya Jain
A child’s heaven lies within the firm arms of the mother
and the mother finds her solace by holding a special place
in her child’s heart.

wise pick 19 sep24Meghan Tzilves
Be kind to and nurture your inner child

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