Wise Pick For 16 August

Wise Pick 16 August

Wise Pick 16 August1

Nouri Ashour

Don’t give your heart
to those unwilling to receive it.

Wise Pick 16 August2

Ashish Verma

While others think
of causing an external damage,
some only have a heart to offer.

Wise Pick 16 August3

Ana Leo

We will keep falling in love
with stone made people
until we fix our heart.

Wise Pick 16 August4

Sonia Picone

I hold my heart out to you
as a gift
and trust your violence
won’t break it.

Wise Pick 16 August5

Rinku Shah

For every angry fist,
there’s a list
that my heart has to offer,
love, kindness and empathy.
Then why suffer?

Wise Pick 16 August6

Beena Baburajan

The clenched fist
and the frozen heart,
both need to open
to the beauty of life.

Wise Pick 16 August7

Maria Ferns

Open your fist,
And take the risk.
A heart that connects
is meant to be kept.

Wise Pick 16 August8

Sumita Dhar

Anger can mellow down
by a heart loaded
with love and kindness.

Wise Pick 16 August9

Monica Mishra

No one ever wins love with ego.
Love needs to be accepted
with open arms,
not clenched fists.

Wise Pick 16 August10

Violet Flame

The empath will always stand
in from of the narcissist.
Empath is all about forgiveness
and compassion.
You are born with a heart
or you might give yourself
a chance to feel it.

Wise Pick 16 August11

Richa Tripathi

Open the fist
and accept the love
that comes your way.

Wise Pick 16 August12

Sulekha Pande

Every heart
deserves sensitivity
and kindness
not fists
that might crush it to pieces.

Wise Pick 16 August13

Deborah Taylor

A closed fist(mind)
cannot understand
or communicate
with the love
of an open heart.

Wise Pick 16 August14

Hema Krishnamurthy

Open your fist
and take my heart.

Wise Pick 16 August15

Joanne Margaret Peckham

Rule with an iron fist
but love
with all your heart.

Wise Pick 16 August16

Jeannie Jane Johnson

More can be accomplished
with love than a hardened fist.

Wise Pick 16 August17

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

You’re heart can never feel love
with an angry soul.

Wise Pick 16 August18

Fatimah Elhamad

You’ll never rule her heart
with an iron fist.

Wise Pick 16 August19

Karthik Parthasarathy

An offer of love,
tightly closed fist.
Can love open it up?
Make it acceptable to take in.

Wise Pick 16 August20

Uy Si Selina

Even for the toughest ones,
love is the answer.

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