Wise Pick For 15 September

wise pick 18 sep

wise pick 18 sep1VishwA
Books are her blanket
helping her survive
through the cold reality.

wise pick 18 sep2Maya Thorpe
The comfort
of surrounding yourself
with knowledge
and understanding.

wise pick 18 sep3Susan Battell 
We all sleep soundly
in the knowledge
of kindness and love.

wise pick 18 sep4Sulekha Pande
Awake or asleep,
books give me the comfort,
companionship and courage,
for miles to keep.

wise pick 18 sep5Beena Baburajan
The comfort of a good sleep
and dreamy romantic appeal
of reading a paperback
in today’s digital world

wise pick 18 sep6Ashish Verma
Wrapping the blanket
of a good book
is the ultimate source
of sugary dreams.

wise pick 18 sep7Shweta Yadav
A “good read”
provide a “comfort sheath”.
Awake or sleep
you can dream beneath.

wise pick 18 sep8Catalina Wellington
I wrapped myself
in the comfort of your words
and allowed them to drift
me into the sweetest
of dreams in your absence.

wise pick 18 sep9Kim DeCocco-Sharon
A book and it’s pages
takes me to all
of its magical places.

wise pick 18 sep10Leta DeMello
An amazing book
comforts me
like a perfectly
weighted blanket.

wise pick 18 sep11Nicole Jabbour
Reading enlightens human beings
and helps them
follow their dreams.

wise pick 18 sep12Ashok Pande
When you read,
you imagine.
When you imagine,
you dream.
When you dream,
you work at
making your goal,
a reality.

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