Wise Pick For 14 October

wise pick 17 oct

wise pick 17 oct 1Felicia Renteria-Holmes
The demons we carry
with us
are of our own design.

wise pick 17 oct 2Shilpika Bagh
When a devil ‘mind’
leads the corporate ‘grind’.

wise pick 17 oct 3Sulekha Pande
We all carry demons inside of us,
demons of our past,
demons of the mistakes we made,
demons of the abuses we endured,
the trick to live peacefully is,
don’t feed them, for they feed on your soul,
destroying you and take over,
is their only goal.

wise pick 17 oct 4Aimee Youngblood
Our minds are so powerful.
An intricate delicacy of fear and love.
It’s only in our minds
we create our own reality.
Which one do you choose?

wise pick 17 oct 5Natasha Jones
Our way of living
determine what
we create in our minds.

wise pick 17 oct 6Rinku Shah
We all have
an angel and a devil within,
and that’s no sin.
The one you feed
will continue to breed.
Choose wisely.

wise pick 17 oct 7Joanna Wood
We all have demons
that get inside our heads,
but only we can speak our truths.

wise pick 17 oct 8Ashley Arnold
Your internal demons
can take over
the outside as-well,
how your feeling on the inside,
and giving an outward appearance
towards others. Always be kind.

wise pick 17 oct 9Mai Quesada
The devil is always
on guard
to prey on our minds
to have evil thoughts.
Hear not his whispers
but heed the
voice of your conscience,
the voice of God.

wise pick 17 oct 10April Yeager
Professionals enthralled
by a mesmerizing mind
didn’t know their
conceptual source
was the devil in disguise.

wise pick 17 oct 11Siony Benemerito McCor
Be aware
of demons in disguise,
for they are dressed up
with kindness,
They stump your feet and
take control over your head.

wise pick 17 oct 12Ashok Pande
Control the demon,
lurking within you,
in the deepest and darkest
corners of your mind.
Lest it comes to the fore.
The results could be fatal.

wise pick 17 oct 13Siony Benemerito McCor
The biggest demon
in man’s head is greed
in power to control
and manipulate the meek.

wise pick 17 oct 14Conor Purves
your mind or
be left with monsters
inside your head.

wise pick 17 oct 15Tamsyn Leigh
Beware of allowing
your mind to see things
through the eyes
of your inner demon.

wise pick 17 oct 16Joe Lemberger
through the demon
that lives within
the eyes’ mind.

wise pick 17 oct 17Leta Marie DeMello
The eyes
serve as windows to the soul;
trust your intuition
in the presence of another.

wise pick 17 oct 18Sherry Greene
He who sees the world
with a devilish mind,
will find the world
dark, sad and unkind.

wise pick 17 oct 19Dibyendu Adhikari
The devil lies in our
perspective of things.
Change the perspective,
and the devil will disappear.

wise pick 17 oct 20VishwA
The head is where
the devil sits,
waiting to be provoked.

wise pick 17 oct 21Brooke Smith
We are all but
hosts to our
inner demons.

wise pick 17 oct 22Juleah
The devil lies
in the face of desire.

wise pick 17 oct 23Nikki
Every single one of us
has the devil inside.

wise pick 17 oct 24Susan Battell
The monsters
inside our minds.

wise pick 17 oct 25Varsha Raman
Monsters are
not under the bed.
They are inside our head.

wise pick 17 oct 26E_G
The devils
behind my thoughts.

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