Wise Pick For 14 August

Wise Pick 14 August

Wise Pick 15 August1

Brittany Syrell

Rather than allowing
our afflictions to suffocate us,
we must realize
that we as individuals
hold the keys
to break free
and breathe again.

Wise Pick 14 August2

Christian Dial

The hand of World,
society, job, life, nightmare
and pain are also
the responsible of your struggles
and sometimes
leave you breathless

Wise Pick 14 August3
Susan Santos

Keep your head up
amidst the pressures of life.
That’s how you will survive.

Wise Pick 14 August4

Siony Benemerito McCor

Nothing but ‘nightmares’
and ‘pain’,
when the ‘society’,
‘job’ and the ‘world’ had their grip
around your emotional
and physical being.

Wise Pick 14 August5

Lisa Dutkiewicz

All of the expectations and pressures
can have a stranglehold
on our mental
and physical wellbeing.

Wise Pick 14 August6

Mai Quesada

Life’s troubles
coming from all directions,
mounting and intensifying
through your body system,
is an everyday struggle,
one has to face
with courage and strength.

Wise Pick 14 August7

Mary Kirkpatrick

When overwhelmed
by tribulations life hands you,
break free of the grasp,
breath away from the milieu.

Wise Pick 14 August8

Sherry Greene

Life hands us many adversities.
It’s up to each of us
to use these,
to learn,
to grow,
to move on.

Wise Pick 14 August9

Mark Qou

Don’t let the noise
of the world poison your soul.
You are worth living.

Wise Pick 14 August10

Jennifer Gigi Friedman Schaeffer

Loosen your grip on things
beyond your control
and their grip on you
will loosen.

Wise Pick 14 August11

Sonja Rycroft

The hands that feed insecurities,
are the hands
which hold us down
in darkness.

Wise Pick 14 August12

Nicky Djalilova

The burdens of life
have crept up on me,
leaving me unable
to breathe life in me.

Wise Pick 14 August13

Ashish Verma

Don’t let the problems
of the world
choke the life out of you.

Wise Pick 14 August14

Jordan Hodkinson

The many hands
of today’s modern life.

Wise Pick 14 August15

Loreta Bisquera Vergara

Life is full of struggles
and if you don’t know
how to handle
even the most simple thing,
these struggles
will pile up
until you can’t get
out from it anymore.

Wise Pick 14 August

Keith Orton

You need to break free
from the world around you
or it will pull you
into darkness.

Wise Pick 14 August

Vonnie H Zucconi

When you feel
like life’s burdens have got you
by the throat,
remind yourself that
“You’ve Got This!”
and take back the control.

Wise Pick 14 August

Jillkingmck :
Don’t allow the challenges of life
and the expectation of others
to take away your joy and peace.

Wise Pick 14 August

Sushmita Dawadi

Hard to escape:
‘Tangled life of today’s generation.’

Wise Pick 14 August

Sujit Das

Amid all odds,
find the real purpose
of being you.

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