Wise Pick for 13 October

wise pick 16oct

wise pick 16oct1Sulekha Pande
Parent’s differences,
leave the child’s future,
hanging in uncertainty.

wise pick 16oct2Nc Dash
A child’s life
is left hanging
in the balance
to the
parental differences.

wise pick 16oct3Mai Quesada
A child’s
well- balanced growth
and upbringing are both
father’s and mother’s equal
responsibility and commitment
to their child’s welfare.

wise pick 16oct4Rational Akrofi Akuffo
In spite of our differences
we both choose
to extend a helping hand
to our young one
for a secured future.

wise pick 16oct5Shilpika Bagh
‘Hanging’ on
to their future alone;
when we turn our ‘backs’
to the ones we own.

wise pick 16oct6Sakina Kudrati
The children are
a product of both
the parents thought process.
So they’ll swing through
life difficulties
with the thoughts
that you have imbibed in them.

wise pick 16oct7Phyllis Snider Boyer
Swinging precariously
between love and indifference,
a connection kept in balance
by persistent spirit.

wise pick 16oct8Carmen Flick
between two parents
may keep the child
hanging in the balance.

wise pick 16oct9Rinku Shah
When parents fight.
The child clings on tight.
Sort out the differences,
Instead of keeping your distances.

wise pick 16oct10Amit Chanchalani
As long as the knot
of parentage is strong,
the child would continue
to the upswing
The moment
one of the parent
parts ways with the other,
the gentle swinger
can turn into a painful grip.

wise pick 16oct11Preksha Agrawal
Child is a
union of characteristics
between partners,
who acts as a sunshine
in cloudy times and paves way
for hope and happiness.

wise pick 16oct12Ashish Verma
A child’s future hangs
in between the arguments
of her parents.

wise pick 16oct13Anjana Surendran
Arguments at hike
and perceptions at extremes
child is the sufferer
made bait of reclusiveness.

wise pick 16oct14Sherry Greene
A child’s life hangs in the balance.
Caught between the words of two.
They see, they hear it all.
Remember, there’s more than
just the two of you.

wise pick 16oct15Ilda Coelho
Parents are the balance
children need
in order not to fall.

wise pick 16oct16Happy Honey
between the
egos of parents.

wise pick 16oct17Brooke Smith
We swing
from the foundation
of our parents.

wise pick 16oct18The Fahmi
Every successful swing
comes in pairs,
similarly and crucially,
every child need their pairs.

wise pick 16oct19Pelumi Samuel
A child needs
both parents
to be able to swing
through life comfortably.

wise pick 16oct20Julie Ryderis Carnelly
A child needs
adult support
to swing through life.

wise pick 16oct21Divya Jain
A child is the linking bridge
between the parents
that makes them
recall and cherish
the closeness they
share and owe
to each other.

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