Wise Pick For 13 January

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 13 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryŠaira
Don’t let other people’s opinion
disturb your peace.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryRinku Shah

Turn a deaf ear and look the other way,
If you don’t like what people say!

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryFelicia Renteria-Holmes

You use your words as weapons
to beat me down,
and then you wonder
why I never come around.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryDavid Chapman

Knowing when to shut down
the conservation
will save you
from depression and anxiety.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryRinku Shah

Keep at bay… What others say.
Don’t let them stop you,
From what you want to do!

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryNeelam Mirani

Do not get broken by what people say….
they have a problem with everything

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryAshish Verma

Don’t let yourself be affected
by pointless conversations.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryJan Steve Stiller

Sometimes Their Words Are
Too Much To Handle

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryRain Rain

Don’t let yourself drown
in other people’s words,
not all of them are worth
having your attention.

Wise Pick For 13 JanuaryLinda Mansolf

You may not control what you hear,
But you can control what you listen to.


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