Wise Pick for 12 September

wise pick 15sep

wise pick 15sep1Jackie De Klerk
As I let go of
the dream of having you,
I still hold on
to a string of hope.

wise pick 15sep2Zepha Hobley Williams
The loss of a child
is devastating
but knowing it will arrive in heaven
brings you joy.

wise pick 15sep3Debbie Gurriere
When a woman loses a child,
there’s no easy way
to cut the pain.

wise pick 15sep4Saoirse Coen DCastro
An angel called back home.

wise pick 15sep5Lisa Hammock
When you’re ready
to fly independently,
reluctantly I let go
knowing your wings are strong.
Fly fly fly my little one
be who you’re supposed to be.

wise pick 15sep6Sulekha Pande
We are parting,
but not for long.
Our journey together
was only this long.
I will keep you in my heart
though destiny is tearing
you and me apart.

wise pick 15sep7Debra Pry
The decisions we make,
can cause us to break.
But letting go,
and holding it in our heart,
is the only way to make a new start.

wise pick 15sep8Maria Ferns
We grew together in love and pain,
letting you go was insane.
I set you free from your pain,
with a desire to see you again.

wise pick 15sep9Ashish Verma
Deeply saddened
being set you free,
all I am left with
is a string of your memory.

wise pick 15sep10Sarrveshwaran
Moving on is hard
especially in darkest hour.
When you put your love
and life into it,
it leaves a scar.

wise pick 15sep11Siony Benemerito McCor
The joy of motherhood,
is replaced with sadness,
Decisions are made
with the circumstances
we have to face.
The heartbreak of listening,
to little voice, unheard.

wise pick 15sep12Sabiha Nikhat
She let the dusk fall upon her
as she severed
the string of hope from her womb.

wise pick 15sep13Rinku Shah
An unborn child and a mother,
this bond is like no other.
To snip it off and let go,
is a pain only a mother will know!

wise pick 15sep14Wayne Kelley
Cutting emotional ties
with your baby
before it’s born,
is unacceptable.

wise pick 15sep15Linda Mansolf
Letting go of
something so precious
is something a mother
never gets over.
A part of you
is with that little one
and is now
an angel watching over you.

wise pick 15sep16Vaibhav Gidde 
Abortion is when a baby
gets the death penalty
for the behavior of someone else.

wise pick 15sep17Karla Lindstrom
No matter wherever I go
my soul is already part of you,
my dear,
and I know you can feel it too.
Always yours, mommy.

wise pick 15sep18Divya Jain 
This world is perhaps not
a better place to live
for the pure and innocent souls.

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