Wise Pick for 12 October

wise pick 12oct

wise pick 12oct1Mary Kirkpatrick
My young mind interprets
what I hear and see.
This abandonment
becomes my legacy.

wise pick 12oct2Cynthia Millentree
The pain from
two parents leaving
can blind a child forever.

wise pick 12oct3Sulekha Pande
The exit
takes only a few seconds,
but the
sense of abandonment
stays forever.

wise pick 12oct4May Gregorio Demafiles
The separation of parents
create an unspeakable
emotional turmoil
for those they left behind,
especially their children.

wise pick 12oct5Mai Quesada
Inevitably, when
parents go on separation.
the child bears its
more harmful effects.
emotionally broken
makes his whole-being.
stressful life in the offing.

wise pick 12oct6Maria Ferns
Seeing his pillars depart,
the grief crammed his heart.
His soul sobbed,
As his parents stepped
their individual path.

wise pick 12oct7Darryl Tombleson
To a child,
parental separation is traumatic,
irrespective of the circumstances,
take the time
to embrace their feelings

wise pick 12oct8Siony Benemerito McCor
The child’s biggest fear,
is the pain of witnessing
the parents’ separations,
the mixed feelings of guilt and anger,
lingers in the heart for a long time.

wise pick 12oct9Lisa Dutkiewicz
Parting ways
is a difficult situation
for everyone involved.
Please keep in mind
the hurt left behind
as seen through
the eyes of the child.
Be patient,
be kind while dealing
with the healing.

wise pick 12oct10Sayeeda Pearl
The emotional pain
of broken homes,
reflects upon the
child’s life forever.

wise pick 12oct11Amrita Mishra
Watching own parents
going separate ways
can be heartbreaking
for an innocent soul.

wise pick 12oct12Mary Kirkpatrick
“It’s not your fault”,
is what they say,
as they pack their bags
and go away.

wise pick 12oct13Shilpika Bagh
When ‘we’ part ways;
leave ‘them’ in dismay.

wise pick 12oct14Sakina Kudrati
When parents
part their ways
it’s the children
that suffer the most.

wise pick 12oct15Sarrveshwaran
In the eyes of the child,
if the parents rapport is not mild,
the consequences will be wild.

wise pick 12oct16Shweta Yadav
Sight of their depart
torn him in two parts
because in parent’s conflict
child inflict.

wise pick 12oct17Bambi Na
For every separation
a child is left in a
lonely situation.
Making his innocent mind
immersed in confusion.

wise pick 12oct18Sherry Greene
Getting left behind.
Emotionally going blind.
Think you can find.
A way to be kind?

wise pick 12oct19Marianne Kilcoyne
Create the seed
and watch it bleed.

wise pick 12oct20Rinku Shah
When adults fight.
Children are a
heartbreaking sight.

wise pick 12oct21Ian Davison
You both departed,
left me broken-hearted.
We should be all one,
instead I’m alone.
Abandoned, lost in the wild,
is my wounded inner child.
If only it was a game,
and not toxic shame.

wise pick 12oct22Ilda Coelho
A child experiences
two departures,
breaking it’s heart

wise pick 12oct23Madu Chiwendu
Children bare
the inevitable pains
of having both parents

wise pick 12oct24HARSHITA
Pain of separation
of parents;
will always remain intact
in the eyes of the child.

wise pick 12oct25Avinash
The tenderness and care
on which
a child’s childhood is weaved
is lost on separation.

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