Wise Pick For 12 July

Wise Pick 12 July

Wise Pick 12 July1

Shilpika Bagh

Larger than ‘life’;
imaginations keep
the hopes ‘alive’.

Wise Pick 12 July14


Anne-marie Dorrell Shepherdson

Magic is manifested
when your heart and
soul dare to dream.


Wise Pick 12 July13

Nancy Shurkoff

The magic within you
is ready to be unleashed.


Wise Pick 12 July12

Susan Fair Arakelian

Nothing is as wonderful
as the imagination of a child,
nothing is impossible and
nothing is beyond the limits
of the world around us,
find your inner child.


Wise Pick 12 July11

Ashish Verma

Imagination with the
right mindset will convert
your dreams into reality.

Wise Pick 12 July10


Imagination is beautiful.
It’s the only thing
we have as a weapon
against the so called reality.

Wise Pick 12 July9

Monica Mishra

What seems impossible,
my dreams will make it possible.

Wise Pick 12 July8

Anthony Paul Waite

The beautiful truth
in the mind of a child
is that anything is possible.
Magic is a part of life.

Wise Pick 12 July7

Payal Beriwal

Imagination is the
mirror of our desires.

Wise Pick 12 July6

Ina Lubbe

The power of imagination
can turn the simplest
of objects into extraordinary
carriers of joy.


Wise Pick 12 July5

Disha Vidyarthi

Spirit soars higher
with the wings of conviction
and positive inner strength.

Wise Pick 12 July4

Rahemeen Ali Khan

The way
to the imagination
of my dreams go through
my daily chores.

Wise Pick 12 July3

Sulekha Pande

It’s the perception that matters,
magical dreams and honeydew
eternal hope and ambition spatters.

Wise Pick 12 July2


Shana Pascoe

You owe it to the warrior
in you to pursue,
the shadows of the
dreamer are so close now.


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