Wise Pick For 11 September

wise pick 14sep

wise pick 14sep1Geoff Allen
Use technology to expand your horizons,
not narrow your perspective.

wise pick 14sep2Debra Pry
Technology is a trap,
Breakthrough to the other side

wise pick 14sep3Anindya J Ganguly
Climbing the arched ladder
to explore beyond our horizon’s rim
We try, We thrive
to expand our knowledge’s circled ring.

wise pick 14sep4Ashish Verma
Utilise the technological connections wisely
to climb the ladder of success.

wise pick 14sep5Karthika Murugan
We have to go up the ladder
to explore the reality
But, many are stuck below the ladder
exploring the virtual reality.

wise pick 14sep6Sarrveshwaran
Use the connectivity and become productive.
Climb the ladder of the unknown.
Be a seeker, a learner.

wise pick 14sep7Leta Marie DeMello
The longer we climb the totems of technology,
the farther we part from higher awareness.

wise pick 14sep8Siony Benemerito McCor
The world has no walls or divisions,
Since the new technology has its birth of creation,
It has been the guide to modern heights of explorations.

wise pick 14sep9Patrick De Leon
The web is a tool.
It can help you reach out from your whole
or confine you to the limit of your device.

wise pick 14sep10Linda Soto
Breaking free from technology
and seeing the world
with your eyes wide open.

wise pick 14sep11Preet Mishra
Technological spectrum is the path to reach horizon

wise pick 14sep12Nathan Robinson
WiFi won’t set you free
Unless you use it to climb

wise pick 14sep13Pauline Ebijimi
You don’t necessarily need
the technology of this world
to attain success,
instead it hides who you truly are.

wise pick 14sep14Cory Cook
Value the connection from a good book,
the signal you follow doesn’t regret the time it took.

wise pick 14sep15Dandillion Jeff
Provide a creative, relevant way
to use the internet for seeing better
what’s hiding at the back of the wall created by ignorance.

wise pick 14sep16Shilpika Bagh
We “survive”; on “wifi”

wise pick 14sep17Nc Dash
Connect up network
to climb up the wall of success.

wise pick 14sep18Sukhbir Kaur
Try to get best connectivity to your spirit

wise pick 14sep19Sulekha Pande
Reach out to the world with good connectivity.

wise pick 14sep20Rinku Shah
Higher the connectivity,
Better the activity.
Use it to your benefit.
Before it makes you unfit

wise pick 14sep21Praveen Kulkarni
Use technology to know the World better

wise pick 14sep22Arti Thakur
Connectivity with artificial intelligence is necessity
But connecting with humanity is soul purpose

wise pick 14sep23Pelumi Samuel
You need to connect with others in order to go far in life

wise pick 14sep24Rivi Verma
Chasing the strong wifi signal, ended up being disconnected to reality

wise pick 14sep25Brooke Smith
Climbing into the real world.

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