Wise Pick For 11 July

Wise Pick For 11 July

Wise Pick 11 July1

Nanc McClure
When we hold
on to our burdens too long,
it’s difficult to let them go.

Wise Pick 11 July114

Sulekha Pande
Freedom is a state of mind,
we stay chained
to the shackles that bind.

Wise Pick 11 July13

Er Sunita Sahoo
The shackles of bondage
have finally broken
but why does my heart
still cling to past memories
and thoughts unspoken.

Wise Pick 11 July12

Kayel McAllister
Goodbye my past.
We both have freedom
now as I walk and you roll.
Thank you, I can now
reconnect with my soul

Wise Pick 11 July11

Rinku Shah
My past, pain and grief,
our journey wasn’t brief.
The only things I had,
when I was sad.

Wise Pick 11 July10

Eduardo G. Lim
We embrace our lessons
when we gain the
gift of freedom.

Wise Pick 11 July9

Tania Santiago Gonzalez
Embracing our grief
gives us comfort
even when the chains
are broken and
we are free to move on.

Wise Pick 11 July8

Crista Winterkorn
The weight that we bear
can still be bound
once it is fully released
as it may be all we really know.

Wise Pick 11 July7

Jenn New
We often cling
to our traumas,
because that’s all
we know.

Wise Pick 11 July6

Emily Venturino
We become so comfortable
carrying our burdens that
we fail to see the only one
holding us back is ourselves.

Wise Pick 11 July5

Ammey Zeu Lim
Sometimes we forego
the freedom to be
comfortable being trapped
within ourselves.

Wise Pick 11 July4

Shilpika Bagh
The captivity I ‘survived’;
made me who I am ‘today’.

Wise Pick 11 July3

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
The things that cause us pain
are hard to let go,
because we lived with them
for so long.

Wise Pick 11 July2

Jill McKing
Even when
the chains are broken,
we are enslaved in our minds.
We won’t let go of the
very same thing that broke us.

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