Wise Pick for 10 September

wise pick 13 sep

wise pick 13 sep1maria tricia ortega
Pure knowledge leaves us when we entertain nonsense.

wise pick 13 sep2Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
With the eyes we see
and the mind we vision
But we lose the latter
when trapped in cell phone prison.

wise pick 13 sep3Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
Modern technology.
Providing vacancy signs
for the minds of all generations.

wise pick 13 sep4Kathy Labossiere
Society has driven us
to become dependent
upon social media
that we have forgotten
how to use our minds.

wise pick 13 sep5Frances McCabe
Remember my friend,
technology is great in moderation…..
God gave you a brain for a reason
use it or loose it.

wise pick 13 sep6Sherry Greene
And when we entertain ourselves
To leave our thoughts behind
We leave behind our thinking too.
Methinks we’ve lost our mind.

wise pick 13 sep7Monica Mishra
People are more dependent
on the technology for solutions
rather than using their own powerful,
creative mind.

wise pick 13 sep8Rinku Shah
“And once I leave…
You will grieve!”
Said the brain to man…
Who was too busy and stood like a deadpan

wise pick 13 sep9Shaygna Harris
We all are so Codependent on our phones,
that sometimes we forget how to use
our brains independently without it

wise pick 13 sep10Barbara Bauer
Since I am not useful
I will head out and leave you to technology.
No brain necessary.

wise pick 13 sep11Ibe Omanu
Mobile is gradually
taking off our thinking faculty.

wise pick 13 sep12Siony Benemerito McCor
While his eyes are focus on gadget,
The brain steps down on a dream escape.

wise pick 13 sep13Ashish Verma
Succumbed to technology
forced the human intelligence
to make an exit.

wise pick 13 sep14Preet Mishra
Your brain is drain
in this technological frame.

wise pick 13 sep15Sulekha Pande
Bid adieu to your brain functions…..
Hello and welcome mobile junctions

wise pick 13 sep16Sarrveshwaran
If you don’t mind your mind,
Your mind will not mind you.
So mind yourself.

wise pick 13 sep17Maria Ferns
Adios to natural functionality,
Welcome to handicapped technology.

wise pick 13 sep18Shilpika Bagh
With our indulgence in the device so profound;
we are running out of our mind.

wise pick 13 sep19Faith Dunsmuir
The social media addict
that ends up brainless

wise pick 13 sep20Quackerina
Technology addiction leads to brain eviction.

wise pick 13 sep21VishwA
Absorbed by trends and technologies, we often let out the real possession.

wise pick 13 sep22Divya Jain
Human beings are conscious slaves
of their self created devices

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