Wise Pick For 10 January

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 10 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuarySulekha Pande
Resting in the warmth,
Of the days bygone…

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryLyn Coffey- Emerling

Am I hanging on,
to something that never was?

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryDebra Pry

You left an imprint in my heart.
You may be gone,
But we’re never apart.
Your shadow of love..
remains within my soul,
Of a love story left,
But never told.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryDianne Selenite

love is frequency.
love has no boundaries,
even you are realms away.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuarySiony Benemerito McCor

You’ll never know
how much you miss someone,
until the moment is gone.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryRinku Shah

It’s difficult
to wean yourself from someone
you could always lean on!

Wise Pick For 10 JanuarySylvia Ruseva

It hurts when you have someone
in your heart,
but you can’t have them
in your arms

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryAnjana Surendran

In silence I shudder to those shadows
that still hold Us as a nightmare

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryPamela Church

In the shadow of your love
is where I’ll remain

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryPayal Beriwal

Living in the shadow of past
will give you only pain.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryTosin Enioluwa

Time erases
my memory of you

Wise Pick For 10 JanuarySherry Greene

Memories of you linger
Like a shadow imprinted
Forever on a stone wall.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryJudy Razink

The shadow of your loved ones
will always be watching over you.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryNote Pad Coaching

Your shadow
still sits in my heart

Wise Pick For 10 Januarykaren schlaegel

You passed away
but have never really left.

Wise Pick For 10 JanuaryNicole

not forgotten.


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