Wise Pick For 1 September


Wise Pick 4 sept1

Siony Benemerito McCor

The word “privacy” doesn’t apply,
Even with your own “WiFi”.


Wise Pick 4 sept2

Rinku Shah

The thinkers and writers are never alone…
All their characters come alive at night full-blown.
Creativity is a gift,
Use it to make a shift!


Wise Pick 4 sept3

Mai Quesada

Life becomes an open book
to the world through social media!
What you post creates revelations and perceptions of yourself.
Privacy is at your own option to be observed!


Wise Pick 4 sept4

Claudine Heytens

Be aware of the thoughts your mind creates,
or its unconscious creations will stalk you.


Wise Pick 4 sept5

Ashish Verma

You think you are alone being online
but there are people in the back tracking your activities
without giving away a sign.


Wise Pick 4 sept6

Debra Pry

Technology has made privacy,
a thing of the past.
Nothing sacred anymore.


Wise Pick 4 sept7

Leta Marie DeMello

Remain cautious
when working with technology;
it is a place where
even your most private information
is no longer your own.


Wise Pick 4 sept8

Joe Rodgers

You type without thinking
while laying in bed,
while others are reading and wondering
what is wrong with your head.


Wise Pick 4 sept9

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

The internet is full of voyeurs and creepers,
but mostly strangers posing as peepers.


Wise Pick 4 sept10

Shilpika Bagh

In the realm of digital “world”;
privacy is just a “word”.


Wise Pick 4 sept11

Susan Fair Arakelian

Remember what you put online
could be seen by the world,
choose wisely.


Wise Pick 4 sept12

Marilou Villamayor Sapanta

Think before you click
because not everyone is interested
to know everything about you.
A private life is a happy life!


Wise Pick 4 sept13



Wise Pick 4 sept14

Baguio City High School Library
Invasion of Privacy.


Wise Pick 4 sept15

Varsha Raman
Privacy in social media is an illusion


Wise Pick 4 sept16


Lack of privacy now -a -days



Wise Pick 4 sept17

JoAnne Veltz Rock

Gathering your thoughts at 3 am.

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