Wise Pick For 1 October

wise pick 4 oct

wise pick 4 oct1Peter Gatto
Break with
the pull of the past
and stride wholeheartedly
to the morrow.

wise pick 4 oct2Helene Heleen Helene
Leave the trail
of your broken heart
in your past
and walk forward
to a new future.

wise pick 4 oct3Sulekha Pande
Being pulled towards the past
and propelled into the future,
I carry forward all the wounds
and every suture.

wise pick 4 oct4Siony Benemerito McCor
No matter what direction
you’re heading,
the heart will find
its way back
within the memories
from the past.
Unreachable yet never depart.

wise pick 4 oct5Eduardo G. Lim
Cut the heartstrings of the past.
It has nothing new to offer.
Cry, forget,
and move on
to a brighter future.

wise pick 4 oct6Monica Mishra
Never let your past
restrict you
from building a bright,
happy future.

wise pick 4 oct7Helene Leanos
The past can be such
a strong emotional pull.
For growth we must
forge ahead fearlessly.

wise pick 4 oct8Shilpika Bagh
When attached
to the ‘strings of past’
future may ‘fall apart’.

wise pick 4 oct9Kimi Raven
Whatever happened
in the past
will become our present
and shape our future.

wise pick 4 oct10Sherry Greene
One cannot move forward
when leashed to the past.
Sever the ties that bind
and you will be free at last.

wise pick 4 oct11Bambi Na
Don’t let your past
pull you back.
Your way towards the future
is to be strong
and move forward.

wise pick 4 oct12Cherie Crawford Kelly
The past will always be
a part of who we are today.
The future is an open storyline
waiting to be created.

wise pick 4 oct13Harini Balamani Kumar
If you hold back on to the past,
you cannot
lead forward to future.

wise pick 4 oct14Steven Torres
Although the past
may pull at your heart strings,
it will only hold you back
from what lies ahead.

wise pick 4 oct14meandering words of soul
If you don’t want
to be one step forward
and two steps back,
letting go
is the only life hack.

wise pick 4 oct16Elizabeth CA 
Learn the lessons
from the past
to create a healing heart
in the future.

wise pick 4 oct17Robin Goudy
Reset your heart compass.
Your arrow is pointing
the wrong way.

wise pick 4 oct18Terri Wilson
Transcend the pain
of your past
for a magical future.

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