Wise Pick For 1 November

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Wise Pick For 1 NovemberDebra Pry
Balance is the
yin and yang of life.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberSulekha Pande
The twin sides of our souls
are manifested in the balance,
of yin and yang.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberWayne Kelley
There is good and bad
in every one of us,
the trick is to
find the delicate balance.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberRinku Shah
Duality is the reality.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberPhyllis Snider Boyer
A balance of havoc and harmony
could lead to a most fulfilling life.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberBeena Baburajan
Integration of the dualities of life
is necessary for
creating balance and harmony.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberMary Kirkpatrick
Yang sun and yin moon, cycles of day,
equivalents and inversions on display.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
Man dwells
within nature’s element
of yin and yang.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberGilberto Reyes
Opposites are a reality.
There is light, there is darkness.
Acceptance shall lead to balance.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberIlda Coelho
Accept the light
that brings shadows and
allow shadows to embrace the light.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberMaureen Figueroa
A blend of dark and light,
capable of wrong or right;
this opposite reflection
represents interconnection.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberSam Titi Pudumo
Half darkness, half-light;
we are a sum of our experiences,
good or bad.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberShilpika Bagh
‘Ying yang’ side
of each one so unique;
to make us complete.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberIndira Pant Singh
The dark and light
of night and day.
The balance of good and bad.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberRicha Tripathi
It’s all within-
the light and the darkness.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberSandy Rozelman
We are all made up of
the yin and the yang of existence.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberHelene Heleen Helene
The world is full of opposites.
May the yin and yang connect favorably.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberKim DeCocco-Sharon
The yin yang of life in
darkness and light.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberBarbara DeLeon
Accepting duality
is part of wisdom.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberSuz
Balance the light and dark side
within yourself.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberPelumi Samuel
There are two forces
contending with you.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberBattle_Scar
Life is about balance.

Wise Pick For 1 NovemberJoana Mae Bergantin
We are innately
a mixture of good and bad.
The one we choose to be
will eventually define us.

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