Wise Pick For 1 March

Wise Pick 4 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 1 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 4 March 1
Pooja Singh

Love is not seasonal,
it is unconditional.

Wise Pick 4 March 2
Payal Monga

My love for you is far greater
than our disagreements/resentments
-A sureshot remedy to all adversities !

Wise Pick 4 March 3
Martha Mandaric

After a lifetime together,
spats still occur, but the gentlemen in him
will never stop looking after her.

Wise Pick 4 March 4
Eugenie Ogunsola

A good man always go through the Storm
with understanding to provide a comfort zone
for the ones he cares about in life.

Wise Pick 4 March 5
Judy Abiera

True love is not a perfect love,
it is composed of 2 imperfect couple
making it perfect even in the midst of disagreements.

Wise Pick 4 March 6
Joe Rodgers

We may fight and that’s alright
because rain or shine you are forever mine.

Wise Pick 4 March 7
Carol Madsen

“Even during the storms of our life
I will shelter you with my love”

Wise Pick 4 March 8
Wayne Kelley

Can seem grouchy from appearance
but can be a softy at heart.

Wise Pick 4 March 9
Anjana Surendran

No matter what side by side
was a vow and will remain one.

Wise Pick 4 March 10
Mary Kirkpatrick

I get so annoyed whenever you smoke,
but apart from that, you’re a decent bloke.

Wise Pick 4 March 11
Tabitha Grummons

No matter how angry you are
at your loved one, you will do everything
you can to protect them .

Wise Pick 4 March 12
Tony Hongyu Ang

Action speaks
louder than words – That’s True Love!

Wise Pick 4 March 13
Lathah Muniandy

Anger is just another reflection of love.

Wise Pick 4 March 14
Eko Yulianto

I may not say I love you,
but I show you what love is .

Wise Pick 4 March 15
Pooja Abhay Nirmal

Love that ages together, stays forever!!

Wise Pick 4 March 16
Debby Davison

Our love never grows old
no matter how old we become.

Wise Pick 4 March 17
Bev Wideman

Even when tempers are high,
the love runs deep.

Wise Pick 4 March 18
Helene Leanos

We protect each other through all of Life’s Storms.
Those were our Vows.

Wise Pick 4 March 19
Sarita Khullar

Weather or mood—
nothing can change my love for you.

Wise Pick 4 March 20
Sumana Bhattacharjee

Aflamed a fire within me to keep you warm .

Wise Pick 4 March 21

In the midst of the storm of our lives,
know that I will always be by your side.

Wise Pick 4 March 22

You anger is just an expression
to keep me close, you should know
I will shade you letting myself burn!

Wise Pick 4 March 23

Despite our differences;
all the fights and misunderstanding,
know that from the very start,
it is just you & i will care for you ’til death do us part.

Wise Pick 4 March 24
Kufre Stephens

Ageless love expressed in action

Wise Pick 4 March 25
Dinithi Fernando

Love is not a feeling, it’s a commitment


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