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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 1 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberLinda Mansolf
The pathway to success
Is always more challenging for women.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberMay Gregorio Demafiles
It is more challenging for a woman
to rise in many aspects in life,
yet she faces it all with grace and good naturedly.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberSulekha Pande
My gender can never deter me,
I shall still fly higher than thee….

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberBeena Baburajan
Take off those labels…
There are no shortcuts to success….
Whether you have it easy or hard…
Your choices and competency…
Will take you to your destination….
Sooner or later !

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberShilpika Bagh
“Gender inequality” is inevitable in every field;
to make a difference “elevate self”
to the same needs as him.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberMason Jaxon Whitaker
Men get easy street.
Woman and child must work for it.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberFaith Dunsmuir
Sometimes life throws us challenges
yet still we carry on regardless
of our responsibility.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberShilpika Bagh
She “smiles” it all the way;
whatever “circumstances” come her way.

Wise Pick For 1 DecemberKristie Hanewinckel
You’re greatest struggle
will be your greatest victory

Wise Pick For 1 Decemberjustuniquelyme
Not all of our ladders in life are equal


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