If We’d Work Together, We Could Ascend To Great Heights

If We'd Work Together
If We'd Work Together
Sherry Greene

If we’d work together,
we could ascend to great heights.

If We'd Work Together
Karthik Parthasarathy

Joining our hands,
Climbing the ladder of life together,
Celebrating our differences,
Yet glorifying our similarities.
How good would the world be,
If we could just get along?
What all could we achieve,
If we could just coexist.

If We'd Work Together
Sulekha Pande

Compromises, adjustments,
take you out of predicaments,
shake hands, join hands,
come to an understanding,
rising on joined hands,
the stepladder of friendship,
will take you to the clouds
of success.

If We'd Work Together
Rinku Shah

Man to man
‘Together We can!’

If We'd Work Together
Anindya J Ganguly

When we agree to agree
in all agreements and disagreements
We built a ladder to the
seventh sea of clouds together.
Defeat becomes a farcical fact.

If We'd Work Together
Sayeeda Pearl

Treaty of alliance,
brings together
people and nations,
building the stairway
of connectivity to
peace and prosperity!

If We'd Work Together
Nuhrez Khan

The haziness caused by the distrust
can only be gone
if we decide to climb over
our egos and get together.

If We'd Work Together
Florence Juab Ybañez

For together we stand tall

If We'd Work Together
Ananya Sharma

United we stand,
divided we fall.

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  1. Neil Cuvar Avatar

    i dig it. i had nothing for this one. maybe it was the horses with hands for heads threw me off….

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