The Power Of Visualization and Meditation

The Power Of Visualization and Meditation

Do you know the immense power of visualization and meditation, and if practiced daily and diligently, can bring about positive changes in your life?


The Power Of Visualization and Meditation

The best result for manifestation is when you are using visualization in meditation. That’s the power!

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build” -Robert Collier

Do you believe that your mind possesses limitless power? Brian Germain believed so, and as he quoted “the body won’t go where the mind has not gone first”.

This is true.

If you ask successful people how they became successful, they’ll say they visualized it from the beginning. It is about creating that successful image in your mind and leaving it to figure out how to make it a reality. Visualization and meditation together are powerful!

Your subconscious can’t differentiate reality from a dream. When you visualize your success and keep it in there, your subconscious will keep that mental picture like a map. You can then use it to stay on track and be successful. Do you know what is the best way to do visualization? That is right – by meditating.

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Meditation and Visual Imagination

Visual imagination is painting a picture in your mind. Have a picture of you with lots of money or you driving your dream car. Paint a realistic image by involving all of your senses. Do it on a daily basis and take advantage of the power of the law of attraction as it happens to your life. How to maximize the effect of visual imagination? Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Know What You Want

Visualization can help you with the meditation process. Sometime you might not get what you want, so you want to set the right stage.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve. This is the first step in making a clear picture of your image meditation. If you are not sure about what you want in life, give it time. Think of your future goals. Make sure you believe in it and that it is the main thing that will make you happy.

If it is a car, have a brand, color, and model. Make it real. Be specific with what you want. The power of your mind depends on the clarity of the image of your dream. If it is realistic, your mind can easily move towards reaching that goal.


2. Getting Ready For Meditation

Now that you already know what you want, your next step is to prepare your journey towards an effective visual imagery meditation. Have time for medication and don’t rush the process.

When meditating, do it before having a meal. Set a time before breakfast or dinner.

Make sure that you have at least 15 uninterrupted minutes for your meditation. Have it in a quiet place like your room. Make sure to wear comfy clothes that will allow you to stay in one position without feeling uncomfortable.


3. The Meditation

Breathe out. Keep your chest still. Let your stomach sink down.

Do proper breathing for a minute. Now breathe normally until you feel totally relaxed. Stay calm.

Start by thinking of your future self. And the manifestation of your dream. You are now in the future with your dreams in your hands. You are driving your dream car. You are looking at it, touching it.

Where are you driving to? Who are you driving with? Do you see your family with you in your dream car? Think of what you want to have in the future? Picture the amazing things you will have in the future.

Paint a realistic picture. Feel the joy of being a successful individual. Make every detail as vivid as possible. You can spend up to 10 minutes looking at your future.


4. Finishing Your Meditation

You can set an alarm but set it to the lowest tone. Set it to remind you that your meditation is about to end. Don’t rush in ending your journey. Transition slowly from your meditative state to your waking state. This is to prevent ruining a good meditation.

Once in your waking state, focus on your surroundings. Move slowly, like having a warm-up exercise. Start with your head, down to your shoulder and arms then to your toes. Open your eyes slowly.

To make it more effective, do it daily. But don’t let it interfere with your regular activities. You can only enjoy meditating if you know that you are not sacrificing anything like time for other urgent activities that you also have to accomplish.



Visual imagery is a powerful affirmation technique. It takes time, effort, and dedication. Once you practice it, don’t expect a result instantly. This technique will also teach you to be patient.

Once you started embracing it, you will slowly recognize how it is shaping your life and how the universe is slowly setting your path towards your desired goal. Visualization together with meditation is a very powerful tool.


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