Ties that bind

Ties that bind
Ties that bind
Justin Maxson

 Ties that bind

Ties that bind
Sulekha Pande

We’re all tied,
through the threads of karma.
One controls,
others are controlled,
the cycle goes on.

Ties that bind
Sunny Marie

The String of Time, my Love,
Do not fear and grasp it tightly,
But let us both flow,
and go forthrightly..
“Into The Mystic”.

Ties that bind
Anjana Surendran

In the ties of promises
to be with each other
to cater each other’s needs
we build a ladder of strong bonds
holding each other with the breeze.

Ties that bind
Karthik Parthasarathy

The controller or the controlled,
What is my role?
Am I just doing what I am being told?
Or am I setting my own goal?
Who is the master of my decisions?
Myself or destiny, Not able to envision
Is there a puppeteer playing me as a puppet?
Or am I the maker of my destiny,
I don’t know yet.

Ties that bind
Rinku Shah

You are not alone,
Whichever be the zone.
We are all part of the whole,
Kindness should be our goal.
Act with love and compassion,
It never goes out of fashion.
A thread connects us all…
Wonder why the fuss, big or small?

Ties that bind
Jaimie Mazzone

Let’s lift our hands together
and hold each other up high
and create a ladder
that can truly bring heaven to earth.

Ties that bind
Frankie Crabtree

I am binded to you
You are binded to me
Moving together as one
Yet feeling completely free.
This love we share
So pure, so true
I knew I was yours
The instant I saw you.
As long as I have you
I’m happy not to know
Where this life will lead
Or where this journey will go.

Ties that bind
Ramya Raghuraman

Move the string together
Sometimes one has to wait to follow the other
Don’t be too strongDon’tpull
Always ensure to keep the bond beautiful
At times, ego might creep in
Compromise in love is the key to win

Ties that bind
Harish Vashisth

The same strings that pass through you,
pass through me.
We are all connected.
We are all a single entity
made of same stardust
that makes this universe.

Ties that bind
Ragul Sp

Unity can be attained
by a string of love,
but no one can recognize that.

Ties that bind
Kathryn Spry-Erland

Strings attached!!

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