The Wirings Of My Mind

The Wirings Of My Mind
The Wirings Of My Mind
Hrisha Paul

The wirings of my mind
constructed the whole web
of limitation.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Anindya J Ganguly

Chained in a cell of a coiled prison
I live in a hole of barbed springs
Weaved & wired by my own self
To console my lost sense of identity.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Karthik Parthasarathy

Caught in the prison of my mind,
A mess so tangled,
Weaving a web of steel,
All around me.
Makes me over think things,
Too complex and too farfetched,
Do I need peace of mind?
Time to untangle the mess.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Jaimie Mazzone

Escape the mental prison
you have created.
You were always meant to be free
and love unconditionally.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Sarrvesh Warren

My mind is a cage.
I expected it to be a prism.
It turned out to be a prison.
I am entangled by my own thoughts.
And I don’t know how to unravel the knots.
Where to begin and where to see?
How to save myself from me?

The Wirings Of My Mind
Sulekha Pande

We live in self-made mental prisons,
we allow our minds to be knotted up,
with our emotional trauma,
we live our lives, pleasing others,
living an out and out social drama,
it’s no wonder, the knots,
reach us in no time,
and become nooses,
stifling, suffocating and killing us.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Robin Bitz

My hearts domain is my prison
I want to release this burden
Yet I hold onto the misery like a crutch
Too consumed by self-doubt
Too scarred to heal
Too beaten to fight
My heart will never see the beauty
My soul will bathe within the
I had to set you free
from my madness.

The Wirings Of My Mind
April Yeager

This cell it holds my body,
but it also grips my mind.
In solitude I search for answers,
to escape the ties that bind.
The hours tick by ever so slowly
without view of a clock.
I feel the desperate need to roam free,
yet this box has me locked.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Sulekha Pande

Prisoner of my own making,
standing behind an imaginary prison,
I am blinded by my own trauma,
to wake up and see,
what’s in the offing for me.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Rinku Shah

Oh what a tangled web
My thoughts weave,
Imprisoning me.
When will this mess ebb
Freedom I wish to achieve,
Releasing me!

The Wirings Of My Mind
Lavanya Raghuraman

Prisoner of my own thoughts
Hanged by my own assumptions
Strangled by fear, guilt, and anger
My mind is my enemy.

The Wirings Of My Mind
Sadhana Jain

Prisoner of thoughts!

The Wirings Of My Mind
Barbara Bauer

The prison of my thoughts

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