The Untamed Minds

The Untamed Minds

Tangled, wild and free.

Power to dream, imagine and think beyond applicability’s.

The gates to infinity resulting from their critical faculties

Brighter fantasies in the world full of discrepancies

The delusions termed yesterday are today’s realities

The options of judging, bullying and putting others down are among the world’s top priorities making the free and untamed minds against it face strong animosities.

The tamed minds are always within the boundaries and paths defined to  achieve  success as there are familiarities while the untamed minds take a closer look at the level of granularities

Why do they try to tame minds and why are minds getting tamed?

why being different is always looked upon as shame?

questions are many but the answers given are too lame let your mind be  untamed like a free lion, live with pride and roar your name

Let this race end with you unleash your  thoughts and true identity.

Don’t let them underestimate your spirit, truth shines brighter don’t let their darkness invade.

-Joshna Tandel

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