Technological Gift

Technological Gift
Technological Gift
Rinku Shah

Technological gift.
Led to the bedroom rift!

Technological Gift
A’Minah Treky

to Disconnect

Technological Gift
Sarrvesh Waran

Our hands which we used to hold
Are now so busy with the phones.
Gradually, our warm love turned cold,
And though we are together, we are alone.
With our backs to each other,
Is this going to be our forever?.

Technological Gift
Jaimie Mazzone

Technology is supposed to
bring us closer together
but sadly it has only brought us
further apart.

Technological Gift
Karthik Parthasarathy

Sharing life,
Yet living separately.
Possible internal strife,
Mostly agree to disagree.
No time to read the other,
Always hooked to a device.
Doing so without a bother,
Definitely not so wise.

Technological Gift
Ramya Raghuraman

Personal communication
has become sober
Charm of mobiles and technology has taken over
So glued to our mobile phones
A day will come when everyone we know
bids adieu to us and disowns.

Technological Gift
Maureen Figueroa

An Apple tablet a day
keeps the partner away.
Social media has come between ya.
Your back turned to me,
I can’t see your Face
Book me a trip on the information highway,
when we first met,
you would always look my way.
At my face, you would always google,
I’ve now been replaced by someone
named Google.

Technological Gift
Drishti Nagdeo

Under the same roof,
We stay divided by cell phones.
We’re no longer unique beings, we’re clones.
Feeding on our mind like parasites,
These phones have
overpowered us like dynamites.

Technological Gift
M Jeyaram

they are independently wedded
to virtuality.
This is the ‘net’ reality
of respecting individuality.

Technological Gift
Severina Afrodita

I don’t remember who you are.
You are here, yet so far.
We’ve been together long.
Our love was very strong.
I didn’t listen to anyone’s advice.
I just found solace in a fun device.
You have one for yourself too.
They keep us from talking,
and we have something to do.

Technological Gift
Kathy Pogachnick

Together we share a bed.
Together we have our lives.
Together we live
Together we are alone.

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