Spread your wings and fly!

Spread your wings and fly!

You hold the light in the palm of your hands. Where darkness seems to be winning the battle of good vs evil. This is only an illusion the mind as created. The world is how we perceive it to be. So if you perceive it to be bad then it is bad. If you see the good and beauty then it is. We are a soul, this body is your vessel. A vessel in which we must learn how to take control. Taking control of your own actions, thoughts and well being. This means you must change and evolve. You must evolve into your true self that is unconditional Love, a bright light that can project light upon the universe. When we become our true self, we learn how to rise above the world we perceive and float into our soul, into yourself. We then have so much love and light that we can share it with others who are having a rough time. We have all been through difficult times, look back and see who were the ones that lite your way and helped you through it? We must give back and help others. We must also give back to mother nature, with the light and love we have inside, just focus and imagine healing the world. By doing this, someone else finds their wings and they spread their light onto others. Can you imagine the world if we all could fly? Peace could then truly be achieved and there would be no more suffering and fear. You have to make a mark in this world and help others. Ask yourself what do you love doing most? Think about it and then do it! We all have our own parts to play that together creates the ultimate story we call “Life.” Now, go out and shine your light bright and help others find their way back home! 


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