She Is My Heart, He Is My Home

She Is My Heart, He Is My Home
She Is My Heart
Jaimie Mazzone

She is my heart,
he is my home.

She Is My Heart
Rinku Shah

Like a tower, clad in stone
I stood alone.
Just like a whiff of fresh air,
You appeared from nowhere.
Reaching the pane in my heart,
Touching my soul like art.
The barriers gave way,
Love was here to stay!

She Is My Heart
Karthik Parthasarathy

In the fort of my life,
You are the queen,
The prized treasure,
Stuff of my dream.
No pressure whatsoever,
That you have to stay,
My heart is always open,
Even if you have to go away.
Finally, it is your say.

She Is My Heart
Anindya J Ganguly

In the Bohemian clouds
Within the recluse of a Dream
Like a Repartee, my lady lives.
She often sits idly
On the window of my heart
Crooning forgotten medleys
Like the Sun lost in the dusk.
I wish always, she never leaves
But mortality is a curse
Like autumn is to spring.

She Is My Heart
Nancy Shurkoff

She is the window to my heart,
the breeze to my soul.
The peace to my mind,
my passion that roars.
To the woman I love,
the queen of my throne,
forever I am yours,
for you are my home.

She Is My Heart
Severina Afrodita

She lives in my heart,
she made it a home,
my body is a castle,
and she’s on the throne.
I’m made of stone and brick,
I have seen many moons,
but my head is in the clouds,
and high above I loom.
She’s taken the room in the tower,
where I want her to be,
in my heart and my soul,
she’s caged but she’s free.
I can talk about our love until dawn,
she’ll repeat every word.
And since I gave her my heart,
my stones into flowers she turned.

She Is My Heart
Sulekha Pande

You opened the doors
of my emotions,
when I was dealing with
a lifetime of gloominess
and depression.

She Is My Heart
Barbara Bauer

Wherever I go
you will always be
in my heart.

She Is My Heart
Debra Pry

Find the doorstep
to my soul,
And you can
have my heart.

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