He said, “Nobody knows what love looks like”

He said


He said
Stephen Pike 
He said, 
“Nobody knows 
what love looks like”, 
and she replied 
“They will in a minute. 
I’m almost done.”
He said
Swati Chauhan 
With self love I stitched my heart,
Mended what had fallen apart ,
Every stitch was worth the pain ,
Coz it made me feel complete again.
He said
Rinku Shah 
Bruised or stabbed,
My heart had been nabbed.
Hurt or ripped apart,
I will make a fresh start.
It needs to be mended,
Haters will be offended.
The pain will go away…
I assure myself 
Love is the only way!❤
He said
Debra Pry 
With every Stitch,
I will mend myself.
Because I am the healer 
of a broken heart,
And the master 
of my own destiny.
He said
Anindya J Ganguly 
With a needle & a thread
I stitch the swollen furrows
Of my cushioning heart
The Summer of bliss
Can wait for tomorrow’s dawn
Now Let me breathe
In this deserted oasis
For a while, for a bit
To learn how it feels to Live.
He said
Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 
A stitch in time save nine
The world is one big pantomime
Through every act of the performance
My heart tears apart in dissidence
Yet I fix and mend the wear in time.
He said
Erna Duspara 
A broken heart filled with pain, 
can be stitched together,
 but never the same.
The ghosts from the past 
are forever not far, 
the damage is done, 
it’s left an eternal scar.
He said
Sulekha Pande 
I am responsible for my own heart,
I shall not allow anyone to throw a dart,
I will mend, I will sew, I will stitch
with thread and make it new.
He said
Jaimie Mazzone 
Stitch after stitch 
I patch up my heart. 
But the most beautiful quilts 
are made out of love.
He said
Sherry Greene 
She learned how to mend 
every heartbreak herself.
He said
Shannon Hall 
“We are the only ones 
who can mend our own hearts”
He said
Stephanie Rostrata 
Mending my own heart 
with the threads of time 
to exude healing and happiness.
He said
Debra L Laing 
A stitch in time
saves mine.

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