Name one thing you are grateful for today

Name one thing you are grateful for today

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  1. JasonLoves ThemBoth Avatar

    Many things! I’m grateful My Mother is alive but not that the police have her against her will from me her son and her life and family as a slave suffering and tormenting her because of some sick satanic game there playing for no reason at all! A 78 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis for over 52 years and legally blind with a defibulator that has practically cooked her heart because of all the trauma and abuse and stress they continuously put her through lying to her and punishing her for things they keep making up in there sick drug induced wicked minds. These are police and sheriff in southern California all over. My mother has pulmonary fibrosis and they force her to smoke cigars. She has no cartilage in her knees she has polymialgia polyrrhuematica all her bones have holes in them she has a csf leak from multiple head and brain injuries from the police department the list is endless. My Mother never did nothing nor did I cops are satanic! This stuff goes on day and night in jails hospitals homeless shelters etc.. We need this curse lifted from our family. Our Family is Norse English Scandinavian and cherokee. And I believe Im a Shaman!

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