After Much Inner Reflection, I Turned Around To See

After Much Inner Reflection, I Turned Around To See
After Much Inner Reflection
Frankie Crabtree

After much inner reflection.
I turned around to see
The one dragging my heart along
and hurting me the most…
was me.

After Much Inner Reflection
Suzan Brown

The place in your soul
where your heart used to be

After Much Inner Reflection
Anindya J Ganguly

She voodooed my heart
All crimson & red
With her charming smile
Her breathing eyes
And a spoonful of love.
But her pins of kiss
Burnt & bled
As I became a stone
Faded in shades
All gray & pale
Lost in the tides
Of solitude & grief.

After Much Inner Reflection
Rinku Shah

My heart
A piece of art!
First ’twas nabbed,
Then stabbed.
Strong one…
Thought heartbreaks were done.
Now cheated upon,
Played like a pawn.
I began to mend…
This time not to lend.
It’s priceless- only for keepers,
Not cheaters.
Most dependable I know.
As I let love flow!

After Much Inner Reflection
Sarrvesh Waran

I let my heart out
Without ever having a doubt.
That others would embrace it.
Not step on it and stab it.

But what happened
was the other way around.
They hurt my heart
which was safe and sound.
I don’t blame them.
But also I didn’t give up then.

Even when they pricked
my heart with nails.
I only bled love behind the veils.
Because love flows in my veins,
I would never back down
thinking that loving is in vain.

After Much Inner Reflection
Karthik Parthasarathy

So many attempts
So many needles
No space available any more
No further patch up possible
Yet my heart yearns for love
The eventual risk along with it too.
Yes, it is madness
Who said, I am not crazy.

After Much Inner Reflection
Jaimie Mazzone

Uh oh, sorry beloved soul not
everyone has a heart of gold like you!
Don’t worry
though the strings are still attached,
let us pull ourselves back together
and show them no one
can ever break our heart
as we are eternal LOVE.

After Much Inner Reflection
Sarah Rose’S Mum Hilton

My wounded heart
follows me everywhere I go,
My wounded heart haunts me.

After Much Inner Reflection
Debra Pry

Healer of a tortured heart…
And owner of it’s pain.

After Much Inner Reflection
Barbara Bauer

Stop dragging
your heart around.

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